Deathmatch 40k

During the 2020 lockdown we organised a friendly tournament online using Unnamed HQ options from 40k to battle to the death in melee combat.

Space Orks Pirates, Deathskulls and future Orks

The Flashgitz were a wedding present from my fellow blogger Pandorasbitzbox (6 years ago). I’ve finally got them painted up. This is another long neglected project finished up in lockdown. They are a challenging kit to paint. They have tons of parts and if you want them Orky you have a lot of decisions to…

Stompy, Da Orkiest Nid – part 2 – The Paintening

The fantastic Looted Carnifex Pandorasbitzbox made me is finally painted. This was another long neglected project finished off over lockdown. After he gave me the secret gift it only took me 7 years to get it painted! Pandorasbitzbox put a lot of effort into making this thing. His blog post on how he made it…

Neaow…dakka dakka dakka…BOOM!

I’ve finally finished my Burna Bommer. I must have started this about 7 years ago. When I built it I did a little diorama on the base and got as far as painting the NMM shades on the pilot. It then went in a box for the best part of a decade. After finishing the…

Honsou V2 and Honour Guard

I had some inspiration strike and decided to update Honsou with kits I have in the house along with a chosen. Honsou Really enjoyed updating him using normal kits and having an easier job, its great to compare the two and see how far my painting has come along in the last year. He was…

Flash Gitz

Following on from Badrukk a few weeks ago, I’ve continued with the Orks. Orks are by far my favourite army. I enjoy the Iron Warriors and the odd primaris but these are very much a break from the ORks I’m in the process of building these guys a battlewagon and I’ve started a Dakka Jet…

Kaptin Badrukk – Freebooter

I’ve always loved Kaptin Badrukk and Flash Gitz but never got up the courage to paint them. This is what led to me stopping doing Orks in 2012 when I sold off a freebooter army. When I got back into Orks I had forgotten about my Freebooter ways and settled down as a Deathskull and…

Iron Warrior Terminators

I’ve wanted to continue to add to my fledgling Iron Warrior force and I decided Since I created myself a new Warsmith recently in terminator armour that a retinue squad would be best. Not much preamble on this one but lots of pictures! Enjoy. Ferrox’s work in progress I brought a box of blightlord terminators…

Ferrox Warbringer – Iron Warriors Warsmith

I’ve wanted to add to my fledgling Iron Warrior force for a while and I decided I would create myself a new Warsmith for the Iron Warriors. I love terminator armour and love caterphractii plate especially. DiceyJune on twitter was running a new twitter profile picture in return for showing support and donation to a…

Nurgle Knight: The Mouth

This post is focusing on how I made the Nurgle Knights Mouth. Grasping tongue, human teeth and an toothy throat sphincter… convince me you have a better way to spend the next 5 minutes!

Nurgle Knight: Organic Leg

This post is a focus on the biomechanical leg of the Nurgle Knight I made for my friend for his birthday. if you have any feedback or like it, please let us know!

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

The real big boss iz ere watch out u gitz sum krumpin’ iz guna appen!

Ghaz is done and I’ve finished some more backlog to boot.

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