I had some inspiration strike and decided to update Honsou with kits I have in the house along with a chosen.


Really enjoyed updating him using normal kits and having an easier job, its great to compare the two and see how far my painting has come along in the last year. He was also shown on Warhammer Community in the WIP and Painted forms!

Chosen Squad

I really enjoyed making the squad and tried to emulate the 3 from the artwork to the best I could using all GW parts and hopefully I’ve done them justice.

The Newborn is my absolute favourite.


The Newbord


Svengar – Fallen Wolf

M Fallen Angel

Finally a comparison between the V1 and V2 of Honsou.


  1. Wow. These guys are awesome, even if it does hurt me to see a Wolf turn to the dark side ! Well done on getting shown on Warhammer Community, well deserved!

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    1. Cheers mate! I really enjoyed painting and converting these guys and I think that shows through and the Wolf and Dark Angel were some of my favourite models as I did them.


      1. Thanks I reread some of the books especially the short story around the skull harvest while making them to help me get into the mindset.

        Really love them 😀


    1. Thanks Azazel! I agree painting a very similar model really shows the difference a year can make.

      I really enjoyed painting and converting these guys and I think that helped!


  2. I was wondering where you got his arm and that little shoulder guard for the arm? I am wanting to do something similar for a Chaos Lord model.


    1. Its a bloodthirster arm shaved down and cut to angle filled with greenstuff, and the shoulder pad is from a skittari arm


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