Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Months 8 is upon us and I’ve cannot believe we’re getting towards the end of the year and only 2 months left to go!!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

This is the monthly update of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on any of the pervious months by using the search bar above and selecting the 12 months of hobby category. The difference this month was this quote from last months post, right at the bottom without any attention!

Next month is my favourite month (ORKTOBER! WAAAAGH!) Everyone will be deducted 70 points unless they complete an Ork model in which case they’ll get an extra 50 points 🙂

12 Months of Hobby – September

Lets see how mean I can Truly be. (I won’t actually deduct but will give bonus points for the completed Ork! – Waaaagh!)
Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


Another slow painting month for me, but in honour of Orktober I did do the first ork for my eventual mercenary warband. And I finally finished those assault intercessors.


As it was Orktober I hadn’t any choice but to paint my new war boss.
It’s the Iron Boss for Artel W, this sculpt is amazing and really cool to paint.

For now it’s just tabletop ready but I’ll probably tweak him a bit in the coming weeks ! Now I need to find him name.


Managed to get some of my Gravis heavy list painted this month that I originally pledged September (or maybe it was August – time has no meaning anymore). Carneus Malgar, Tigurius and 8 more Inceptors! Gives me 9 finished just in time to change my list to no longer include any 🤣


Crushing my pledge this month! I spent so long painting that there knight, I just about managed to squeeze in an orc bust, and those beastmen feel so long ago now!

The knight pushed me in some ways, yet it’s a technique I’ve pulled off a few times now. Certainly tries to draw your eye!

Onwards, only 2 months left!


Most productive ever month – The Lion built and painted, 2 squads of heavy weapon marines. Almost finished a Spartan. Built all of the above, plus a Titanicus warlord and a Sister of Battle character

Dr Orktagon

Aaaah, Orktober. The most wonderful time of the year. It was also Dreadtober and so there wasn’t much time needed to pick the model out of my pile of potential painting perfection. I’d had the dread on the to-do list since I bough to apocalypse set this time last year.

Having done 2 deff dreads before, I decided to do something a bit different this time and added in a few bits from the Ork plane. I think it’s turned out ok but it is hard to capture such a busy model in a photo. It is magnetised so I could just have less arms. Gone with the heavy weathering and also tried to give it a hero rock base. Which I know isn’t every ones cup of tea. Again, I just wanted to try something different.

I’ve ended up with Dumbo Dread, the dread who thinks he can fly.


First time joining the 12 months of hobby (yes 9 months late). My main goal was to complete my lockdown army of Red Corsairs, this army started out from converting the Abaddon model into Huron Blackheart which in turn got featured on the hobby roundup in Warhammer TV. I couldn’t leave Huron without an army so this became my ‘lockdown army’. I continued to work throughout lockdown, so I am chuffed to compete 2000pts since April.
My hobby pledges were to paint the remaining units (5 havocs & 5 Raptors) along with Dark Apostle to compete the force.
As a small distraction I took part in Warhammer Stockports store October painting comp, where you are assigned 6 random pa$ints and you have to paint a model of your choice o my using those 6 paints
My entry was a Hersey era death guard marine.
Looking forward to seeing what November brings


Hobby kinda got lost this month with helping Becky with organising the Angels of Purification project.. But I pulled it back in the last week or so.
Got my DnD character set finished. Challenged myself to use as close to 100% Instar Paint on them.. And apart from some fluo blue and astrogranite, I achieved it.
Built an Ork Nob.. Was a joke nod to Orktober, and was going to paint it.. But my lad saw it.. And now it is apparently his… Along with the other 5 he wants to build from the kit…
Started building a Special Captain I’ve had for a long time.. And also lots of Intercessor bodies… Ready for arming!! Also Utilised some old and new models for the Angels I’m doing.. Really need to turn the screw on them though. New Codex usually means new models.. But all I got was some Ambots.. For reasons.


This month has been a difficult one for me keeping motivated to paint every single day for my hobby streak. I have managed it though. Mostly the month has been about #AngelsOfPurification, a charity project where a load of people are painting a Space Marine force. The two firstborn marines are test models for that whilst the two Terminators will be actual submissions. The Lieutenant is for my own homebrew chapter, the Astral Reavers and the final model is Jarl Lathgertha from Bad Squiddo miniatures.


This was a bad month for me motivationally speaking, I did finish the Primaris Ancient for my daughter (battleready) but after a little work on the Coldstar Commander painting went flat this month.. I did build my newly aquired Blightlord Terminators (and fixed the one from the Lord Felthius set) So it wasn’t a total bust this month. Though nothing to do with Ork-tober.

Exalted (Wilson)

No Orks from me, but units which could cause orks problems. Slow going but I’ll try to complete a squad a month.


As expected I’m falling behind my plans for paint currently due to a slight lack of motivation probably due to always working from home and my desk being the same place I paint or work. I effectively live at my desk currently outside of sleeping.

On the plus side, the Crimson Fist force is slowly growing as a whole. I even managed to finish a whole Ork, I now remember why I have about 100 Orks and non of them painted, they are actually a terror for me to do. Next month I think I may return to some Necron goodness alongside some Crimson Fists.


Tough Month!!


Another quiet month on the finished front. An early burst (and very quiet week at work) saw me get a Squadron of Leman Russ finished. Later in the month I finished a chimera that’s been sat half done for far too long. Otherwise it’s been a bit of conversion and priming for a couple of projects that should get done this month. Of course that means my infantry are back playing the waiting game…


This month I barely got anything finished due to organising #AngelsOfPurification and getting ready for kitty adoption. He then decided that Orks were not his friend!

Let’s see how the next month will go! At least Zeus is an adorable distraction!!


Kinda swamped with work and stuff so not much time for painting. The hobby was still going on with assembling minis and bases for the ogors and some orcs for Warcry.


I’ve overdone the GW models, so for a change I switched to historical stuff and did up an old project: my English Army from the Hundred Years’ War. I started it back in April so I suppose this is the closest to my ‘lockdown army!’


My painting matched the fact that I got a cold for two weeks. More time to paint…. yaaaaay…. wait… where did all this Nurgle stuff come from? Somehow I got sidetracked and painted lot of Nurgle from my conquest abo. And suddenly I was building old Orks from the 90s, which were my first army back in the days. I need to get some of the fun second edition.
But I also found enough time to finish a Librarian and four Repentias. The later ones are still missing their Repentia Misstress, but it feels soooo good to finally paint Sisters of Battle again 😀


I normally don’t put my own models and hobby progress into these monthly round-ups as I will generally share them on the blog independently. This month I’ve done both as it is Orktober.

I painted my favourite ork sculpt to the best of my ability and hopefully done him justice.

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)31035355565500
Dr Orktagon290501050100500
Craig (cra1gwt)200353050315


Every month is great I love seeing everyone’s progress and this month was no different my Favourite month #Orktober has been well and truly represented well done all.

There has been a really good standard this month and it was really hard to pick a single hobbyist to showcase so I’ve picked two.

Gonders – This month has been on of his best, The Ork bust was completed in less than 12 hours when he realised I’d threatened (jokingly) to deduct points from people without orks this month and his Khornate knight is just fantastic work, Its a shame it’s only painted at the front but that’s the only part you see right?

Alicia – This month has been a great month for Alicia, she has done some lovely models for the #AngelsOfPurification project and has me excited for starting my contribution. The female lieutenant from the indomitus boxset it really well painted and a lovely model but this month has been highlighted for the the bad squiddo lagertha which is just lovely – Well done!

What’s been you’re favourite?
Want to join in? IF so let me know via comments or twitter etc. @warbringer11


    1. That Orc bust is brilliant! We will very likely be running this again next year with an adjusted ruleset I think and maybe some more themed months to make it interesting 😀

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