Tale of More Warlords – Month 1 – Community Round Up

These round ups are going to be different to last years "Tale of Four Warlords" where my fellow bloggers and I built 1000 point armies from scratch. This is a community challenge that I set out to run for all those who didn't manage to get involved last time. There are lots of people in and I'm going to post the table at the bottom of the page and then each person individual photos in between.

Tale of Four Warlords- Month 2 – Round Up (38PL / 750pts)

We've finished the first month of our Tale of Four Warlords. This is the second month of our challenge and our wider discord community updates. Update So Month 2 has gone it has been another slow month for some of our warlords this month, Illness and work pressures really have hit some of our team…