I’ve finally finished my Burna Bommer. I must have started this about 7 years ago. When I built it I did a little diorama on the base and got as far as painting the NMM shades on the pilot. It then went in a box for the best part of a decade. After finishing the Grand Annulus over lockdown I was really in hobby turbo mode and so tried to tackle a few of the projects that for whatever reason had been abandoned halfway through. The spark that reignited my interest in this project was seeing how Brad Glover created the smoke plumes for his amazing Skaven army. That was me sold then, I wanted the Burna Bommer to have great big smoke trails coming out of it. Very Orky.

I painted the pilot and gunner the first time I tackled this project. My fellow blogger Warbringer had done a pilot with nmm sunglasses years ago so I knew I had to give that a go myself.

For the base I wanted a little diorama. It’s a Burna Bommer so wanted to give the feeling the whole thing could gut up any second. This guy is carrying some fuel that is leaking out and has formed a trail and a pool leading to the fuel cannister. Also carries a grenade…

On the otherside of the base there a grot doing target practice. The target is what I thought the grot might consider his enemy, the squig hound. I did consider a cartoony ultramarine but I’m happy with this. Once again it’s a fuel cannister the target is attached to, luckily he has narrowly missed. His buddy is sorting the ammo and has an eye patch, possibly from a stray shot that neither of them has learned their lesson form.

Heres a close up of the smoke. It’s autumn flock stuck to a piece of sprue, lots of super glue on this thing makes it pretty strudy. As I said this was Brad Glover’s idea and he uses it all the time on his very impressive Skaven Army. When I saw his tutorial I remebered the Burna Bommer and pretty much got this project on the go again straight away. The only difference I make to his smoke is I left a bit of colour showing through to give the impression of flames.

For the paint job I had had some success with Turqouise for my Deathskulls before and with a white flame motif. So that was going on there. I’m also really amazed by the Deathskulls in the Forgeworld book Raid on Kastorel Novem. The artwork is beutiful and they have a very layered and graffiti’d look about them which I haven’t seen anyone attempt on the actual models. So I wanted to get that faded, layered, chaotic feel.

Most of the battle damage was me painting a thin layer of paint and wiping some of it off again with a damp cloth. I think it’s quite an effective method and it’s certainly quick.

The red and yellow flames are totally inspired by the FW artwork. The orks spraying the flames on with rattle cans. I gave a go at this with a brush. There’s probably a better way but I think it conveys the idea anyway.

That’s the Burna Bommer. From a hobby point of view it was very satisfying getting this model finished after so long. I was also very fortunate that I was clearly trying my hardest to do a good the first time around so it was all useable. I’ve even ahd a few games with this against my fellow bloggers, it’s performed very well. I’ve not even crashed it into anything yet!

It’s been awhile since I blogged, it feels good to do it. I love hobby blogs so will try and write more often. I’ve now got a little backlog of projects to write about.


  1. That is really smart mate – in a ramshackle kind of way of course!! The paler blue, white & turquoise are inspired choices, and I love mix of cheques, dags and graffiti – the smoke effect & mini diorama are the icing on the cake 😊👍

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    1. What an epic kickstart to your mini blogging again! This was so awesome to see develop, loves all the little details and tweaks over time like the glasses, grits and smoke plumes. Super awesome man, well done 👍👍👍

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    2. Thank you buddy! I’ve taken that pale blue, damaged effect to some Meganobz and might try and use it more across the army in the future.
      Good to be posting again, I think it’s been at least six months since I posted the Grand Annulus.

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  2. Dude, I love it.
    Haven’t seen a whole lot of blue and white for Orks; it looks amazing!
    Weathering is on point and all the other little details really give it a while bunch of extra pizzazz.
    Those sunnies the pilot has seems like the ticket to success right there!

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    1. Thank you Eve! I’m really happy with the white flames on Turquoise. Pleased the weathering came out well, bit of an experiment. Happy with the “sunnies” (while in Australia someone asked me why I say “sunglasses” my answer was the word really doesn’t come up often enough in the UK to warrant the shorter “sunnies”).

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