I’ve always loved Kaptin Badrukk and Flash Gitz but never got up the courage to paint them. This is what led to me stopping doing Orks in 2012 when I sold off a freebooter army.

When I got back into Orks I had forgotten about my Freebooter ways and settled down as a Deathskull and embraced their looting ways.

I had finished a character series for my Iron Warriors and decided to do something for my Orks and Badrukk and Flash Gitz was sat on the shelf of opportunity so I decided I would get him and them done.

Still working on the Flash Gitz while I type this but Badrukk is done.

Without anymore ado here are the finished Pictures! Thanks!

Where to start! I’ve been collecting, building, painting (sometimes) and playing 40k since the late 90s. My high school did 40k in 40 minutes and I promptly joined the schools 40k club and it's spiralled since then, I now have a varied range of models spanning Tyranids, Space Marines and some individuals from other armies like Orks even starting AoS Follow me on twitter @warbringer11


    1. Cheers! Flash Gitz are an interesting model and a real challenge to get started with.

      I always try to follow the 3 main colours on miniatures but in the lord their meant to be bright and ostentatious. Badrukk is the most notorious Freebooter Flash Git Kaptin so needed to be that bit extra!

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