Did you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! The final month is upon us and I have been so happy with how the year has gone. People have done amazing work!

Final Recap

12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

This is the last of the monthly updates from this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on any of the pervious months by using the search bar above and selecting the 12 months of hobby category.

Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


Busy month with work so squeezing in the hobby where I could this month. 
My pledges this month included: 

Finished off a squad of Black Templar Assault marines from the recruit box set.
A palate cleanser of two miniatures from the mortal realms magazine.
A test model of a custodian guard for next year’s project.

I also managed to paint a plague marine in an afternoon as a personal challenge one rainy Sunday. Also brought a primaris techmarine who turned to the forces of chaos and became an iron warriors Warpsmith (another 2021 project)

Looking forward to next year 🙂 


A slow month for me, and didn’thave much free time with everything going on. So to get a bit of hobby momentum back, I finished off a stray Chaos cultist! Not a great standard, but I’m glad I got something done.


This month being my birthday and Christmas meant I got a lot of models as presents. This spurred me on to finish some of the half finished models that were laying on my desk. Also going to my local store to point out presents I might like, I was given a free Witch Aelf to paint for the month, so I had to get the done too. It was a lot of fun trying different things and was a fun end to 2020 😁


Had a slow start to the month but managed to churn out a few models over the Christmas break.


I bought new models but it won’t let me select yes 😅

Did another eclectic mix of stuff this month. My club has cracked on with month 2 of our Tale of Gamers. So I painted more space marines and some Death Guard for my daughter. Also started a Blood Angels side project with Dante!


December seemed to drag and rush by all at the same time probably because I was mostly deciding what to do as I went along and also because it was the last 31 days of my 366 day streak. It was a revelation to find I enjoyed doing the Plague Marine but I put that down to all the details as that’s the part of painting I enjoy the most. I also learned that I have to learn how to paint skin better at some point and get plenty of practice in. The Witch Aelf was tough but I’m not unhappy with how she ended up.

It’s been fun taking part in 12 months of hobby and I’ll be taking part again next year.


Great month of meeting my goals. Particularly proud of my Severina and the two dreads


A quiet finish to the year, with other stuff taking priority. Highlight was painting an ornament as a present for the family. Looking forward to the new year, I have some tiny Titans!


Last of the year. A strange year, my most productive due to the circumstances. Looking forward to 2021!


Had a month of doing almost no hobby.
Heart just wasn’t in it after the AoP getting negative attention, and people’s reaction. 

Managed to throw a few intercessors from Wake the Dead.. But put some Assault Intercessor arms on.
Started the Captain from Indomitus, and almost finished the 3 Angels of Purification.
I did make a start on painting up Captain Cuddle too. 


I was hoping to finish my Iron boss but some personal stuff came in the way.
He’s mostly done but I have a few parts to finish.

That model is great to paint, full of details, Artel W really know their job !

Dr Orktagon

Can’t believe it’s been a year. And what a year. Never expected the world to turn upside down during 12 months of hobby painting. 

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and am grateful to warbringer for creating it and for bringing together such a supportive group on hobby types.

I’ve finished the year off with a metal daemon Prince, slightly kitbashed, I also created bases for the two chaos spawn I painted last month….

…and naturally I did a few Ork boyz. Don’t usually do bad moon yellow boyz but thought I’d do a few as a change. Just as with hobby challenges, the best waaaghs are inclusive waaaghs.

And now on to 2021. Another 12 months but with new rules, bingo and maybe a few more met deadlines.


Can’t remember what I did again apart from the Marine attached. Lol. This year I’m making a note of things!

Loved painting these Red Corsairs Plague Marines for 40kSteve for the Secret Santa! Thanks again Warbringer for organising it. 


Well what a year that has been! I’m quite proud of what I’ve managed this year, I feel like there’s quite a variety of colours, styles and textures going on in the collection. 

Here’s to 2021! 


What a strange kind of year this was… but thanks to this challenge here, I made quite good Progression on my backlog 🙂
I finished the second Sisters of Battle Squad and some Arcoflagelants, so there are only seven models left for finishing the army box from last year and I already started on the Canoness.
As a bonus I also finished the ruined church from which I painted the upper floor last month. As last part, I modeled and printed some movement trays for my squads.
So this makes in total more then eighty painted minis for this year and I already basecoated some more Primaris. So The Productivity can continue in 2021. 
Hope you had a good hobby year too.


It’s time to reflect on this hobby year and see how close I am to my January intentions. Let’s face it, I struggled with the painting (with 14 models finished…) but I had a lot of fun with my first real conversions (for my upcoming Ogor army – yes it will be my new year/new army theme! – and for a really stupid diorama idea involving a dino toy, remnants of Manfred and a salvaged Stormcast body) and I built a lot of models and expanded my basing skills quite a lot. It was simply fitting better with my awkward schedule last year (and having kids a lot at home is quite a struggle). The good point is that I have a lot of models in an almost ready to paint state for the next months ;o).
Anyhow I enjoyed it a lot and I will hopefully have at least as much fun hobbying this year.
PS: Is there a special price for having bought models each month? If so can this be reconducted for 2021?


This month was very much a life happens for me so nothing new to add unfortunately for the end of the year.

However I did enjoy the year and arguably this was the most progress I’ve ever made on the hobby in a whole year so thanks to everyone who took part! Please feel free to have a look at my year in review, I almost couldn’t fit it all on the table.

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)310353555655055605
Dr Orktagon2905010501003570605
Craig (cra1gwt)20035305055370


The final month it has been a great year, to think most of this year has been under lockdowns of sort this challenge has been great and seeing peoples work and getting the points collated has been fun. Next year is different and I’ve shared everything on our discord server and some of the details on twitter and I’ve added that here.

IF you want to join please drop me a note and I’ll send you a discord invite.


Everyone! There is no overall winner the aim of this was to be hobby positive and everyone has managed to do it.

I’ve picked two people from this month and then one for the full year round up.

Monthly Picks

JB – Spidergwen looks amazing and the marvel models you’ve been doing look great! Got the round up this month.

Exalted – I Love Terminator models and this one from the Heroes set is just lovely such a nice Blood Angel. I’m more used to you doing Ultramarines so I wonder why this boy wasn’t Blue!.

Annual Pick

Gonders get the annual pick. the round up picture shows how much he has got done. It has been really impressive all year.

What’s been you’re favourite?
Want to join in? IF so let me know via comments or twitter etc. @warbringer11

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