The Flashgitz were a wedding present from my fellow blogger Pandorasbitzbox (6 years ago). I’ve finally got them painted up. This is another long neglected project finished up in lockdown. They are a challenging kit to paint. They have tons of parts and if you want them Orky you have a lot of decisions to make with where to put the colours and patterns.

They have some purple on them as a nod to the fact they are Freebooterz but its basically my Deathskulls colour scheme. I started painting them years ago and burned out with the complexity of the kit. This Flashgit has the first instance of the white flames on Turquiose. I liked it so much I have repeated it a lot since then.

Here’s the Kaptin. I love the bionic arm on the model. I also had to give the target squig a targetting eye, fiddly stuff as you can imagine.

Here’s the five altogether. I’m very happy to have them fully painted and no longer half painted. I’m happy with the final result.

The Flashgitz kit comes with a lot of spare parts. The process of making the guns also sort of teaches you how you could build your own. So with a few Ork Nob bodies and a little bit of bodging I managed to get 8 Flashgitz out of the kit. These guys are the extra 3. They seemed to come out so well that I almost regret using the official Flashgitz bodies on the first 5. The bodies are very detailed and interesting and are almost completely hidden by the guns.

I’ve painted 5 deffkoptas that I’m pretty proud of but never posted on the blog so here they are…

I’d seen someone put a dud rocket on the base of an Ork model before so had to do that, seemed so Orky. White flames on Turquoise again here. It’s my favourite pattern to do.

Here’s the five altogether. Not the easiest to photograph.

I’ve got quite a few half started and not finished Ork units. Some Meganobz are quite close to being finished by I’ve been sidetracked…

Tried to use some of the battle damage techniques I developed painting the Burna Bommer.

The unit I’m looking forward to the most is a tribute to 2nd edition Ork lootas. Felt appropriate for some of the larger Orks of the Deathskulls clan to have the really big guns. Here’s the most complete one of these.

Is that enough dakka?

That’s it for the Orks for the time being. My hobby Butterfly flew me away onto other projects which I’ll post up here soon.


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