Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Months 8 is upon us and I’ve cannot believe we’re getting towards the end of the year and only 4 months left to go!!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

This is the monthly update of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on any of the pervious months by using the search bar above and selecting the 12 months of hobby category.

Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


Another good month for me in the end. Started with just a couple of marines, and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made painting the white armour over the months. I was also eager to get stuck into the Necrons when I got the new edition box, and I’m happy with the quick and effective scheme for them.


Bit of a disappointing hobby month again. My hobby time is limited to when the small person is asleep and I’ve just not been feeling it most nights ☹️.


I hopped around a little (as per my usual hobby butterfly like nature). But managed to finish 2 units of Eradicators, 2 Armigers and my Techmarine Tactical Support Suit. So you could say August was me painting all my chonky lads. That said I have plans for September to paint a bunch of Gravis armoured Marines!


Painted Rippa’s Snarlfangs, and almost finished Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven, but couldn’t quite manage to finish them before the deadline! 


A rather small update from me here. The rest of the Indom box was built up but needs painting. Also cleared up some lost few old Necron Warriors that were found hiding which are now built and primed.

In much more exciting news I finally fully painted my first Space Marine! I have painted a small Primaris squad and working also on a Redemptor Dreadnought in the colours of the Crimson Fist! I am actually personally very proud of how they turned out, much better than expected and I can sort of feel that my painting skills have somewhat improved after largely spraying everything and washing it for years or using just contrast alone.

I’m no longer working from home however. So my free time has been cut dramatically now I no longer can do a quick paint in my lunch or not having to deal with travel to and from work.


Yes! I finally show the self restraint of an actual genuine adult the month(for the first time in the year) and I’ve managed to not buy anything new. 15 points right there.

Other than this success, I’ve actually failed in my pledge this month. I was aiming to have the marine half of the Indomitus box fully done, but fell short by half a dozen models. Not the worst, and it shows I’ve managed to get my head around painting black armour to a reasonable ish standard, and mainly it means not rushing it.

On to next month anyhow. Guess I’ll finish off this box and see how I get on after that.

Exalted (Wilson)

Personally busy, due to a house move so I’ve moved to a portable setup. Luckily I managed to prime alot of models to work on. I left all my basing kit in storage though….D’oh.


This was the month of my holiday so I didn’t had much time to hobby, so I already had my goals small. So made some Salamanders battleready for my daughter and painted some more on my fire warriors but those are not yet done so they move to next month. I did take another penalty for buying new models. But didn’t want to miss out on the easy to build models that were going out.


“Didn’t get as much done this month as I had hoped, but that’s because I ended up receiving the Captain – as she is a competition piece I spent quite a lot more time on her than I normally would have, but I think it was worth it as I’m really proud of how she’s come out!

I also completed two little minis from reaper, and they were a delight to paint, and just really broke up the painting of the marine a little bit! “


This month was a little quiet still. Four models in and I now have enough to play Warcry with my ogors (which I did with my oldest son – great fun).

Dr Orktagon

I found the month busy.


Not even touching Indomitus.. I still had plenty to get on with.
I painted up the Rogue Trader Doggo for my Enforcers, finally got round to finishing the Captain and Librarian from Shadow Spear.. Built a set each of Valkyries and Lightnings for AI.

Half painted a Veteran Sergeant Intercessor… But my main goal for the month was to finally paint the Lieutenant I was gifted in Mar.. A special Character for my Vespa Umbra (yes he is an Ultra… It’s muh lore). Stripped and assembled some old metal minis and rebased a set of metal terminators (25mm to 40mm what a jump)

Alicia TiDenzo

I’m really happy with how my Dragonborn came out and the same for the Terminator. The Eliminators I’m probably going to end up stripping or replacing because 1, the cloaks look terrible from the back and 2, I’m still playing around with colour schemes for the army they’re part of. Rein and Raus I could probably add more to if I wanted to spend more time on them, but they’re at a point I don’t mind saying is finished.


A productive month, if not entirely according to the original plan. Found a new scheme based entirely on Contrast and got 4 squads of Guardsmen turned out. Finally built the Sisters from the launch box and a few other bits and bobs. Snapped up some Inceptors to add some Primaris to my marines, happy with how the Sergeant has turned out.


This month went a lot better then expected. I had these centurions in a shelf unfinished for ages and now they were part of at least three pledges, until i finally finished them. After that I added a quick win and painted the remaining three Assassins plus Chaos Lord with Homunkulus from the 2014 box game Assassinorum Execution Force; the Elder ones may remember…

Everyone’s in Indomitus, so am I too and to proof it, i worked six days in a row on the Chaplain and tried to give it the best paint job i was capable of.
So another fullfilling month. To be honest; at the start i wasn’t sure if i keep up with it through the year, but all the great stuff the other participants here show helps me a lot, to stay motivated and keep on painting. What a blast 😀


It’s been a month for consolidation more than anything else this August. I’ve had a chance to get round to some projects that have been sitting about half finished, and tidy them up. I’m quite pleased with how the halberds finished up, there’s something very satisfying about having a regiment of miniatures all neatly ranked up and painted. The captain was an opportunity to experiment a bit with glazing on the blade to try and achieve an energised effect and, while it could definitely have gone better it was a good learning experience and I’m looking forward to trying it out again at a later date.

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)3103535380
Dr Orktagon2905010350
Craig (cra1gwt)2003530265
Ann – Four Dwarves115115


Every month is great I love seeing everyone’s progress and when I’ve finished writing the post I often want to go and get some painting done. Today is that day – If it wasn’t 30 degrees outside that’s where I’d be – In my garage painting.

Don’t forget there is always time to join in!

I follow most people on twitter or with the discord channel but some of these paint jobs have blown me away!

The standout hobbyist this month for me has been NoerdicPainter – well done mate that chaplain is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far from Indomitus. I love that you took you’re time to push yourself to paint the best you possibly could and it really shows! I’d love to know how you felt it turned out compared to what you had imagined before you started?

What has been your favourite?

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