I’ve wanted to add to my fledgling Iron Warrior force for a while and I decided I would create myself a new Warsmith for the Iron Warriors. I love terminator armour and love caterphractii plate especially.

DiceyJune on twitter was running a new twitter profile picture in return for showing support and donation to a Black Lives Matter cause.

This is the tweet below.

This was the push I needed to both donate to BLM and also progress my Iron Warriors so I donated and then got myself a commission myself as an Iron Warrior in caterphractii plate.

Ferrox’s work in progress

I brought a box of blightlord terminators to get the caterphracti armour I found the couple of bits that i liked the look of and cut them in half and started to join them together.

I blue-tacked the bits together and started to enjoy the look.

I decided to have a power fist and really liked the idea of him holding a maul with the power fist. As if the power fist has become such a part of his armour he also has a second weapon his relic Mace.

I started green stuffing and using miliput to undamage some of the armour or to reduce the damage so it wasn’t fully deathguard. I also sculpted on a beard and some cables to the skull.

I wanted to have a real casual pose and him stomping an imperial fist into the ground. I really like the conversions to tell a story. I can really imagine a siege between the Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists where a building the Fists were holding being shelled and Ferrox walking through the ruble and standing on the survivor as he surveys the battlefield.

WarhammerTV Round-up.

Ferrox even managed to make it onto the WarhammerTV round up and i’m pretty proud of that a couple of my models have made it on

Ferrox Finished.

I’ve recently purchased a turntable to let me take videos of the models 🙂

Here is the finished model, really enjoyed building and painting this model.

I also tried some more edge highlights on the trim and as i have been recently really pushing my face painting skills and I’m really happy with what I’m able to achieve now.

I tried to push the painting on this one learning from the past, I tried some volumetric highlights on the silver metal by applying a thinned silver over the top of the darkened metal to add more reflection where it would hit. you can see this on the first picture and his right thigh and on this arms.

The Twitter Post


    1. Thanks! Its going to be an odd issue on the battlefield I won’t want him to die for sure! If he does it will only be a flesh wound honest!

      Its really cool to have a think about the model and how its going to be armed and look. I tried to tell a story with the whole model and I felt i did a good job.

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      1. The blow to morale were him to fall, would be tremendous, for sure! Any opponent might aim for him! Bet that could be used in some strategic way… But anything short of trying keeping him alive sounds like imperial propaganda! Hope you happy ascension to daemon princehood!

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    1. Thanks mate. I think that’s the sign of a well done conversion when it doesn’t look like one.



  1. That’s a fantastic conversion, and a more than appropriate commander for an Iron Warriors force! Seeing you ‘de-Nurgle-i-fy’ one of those Terminators also really makes me want to give that a try as well at some point — so far, I’ve only ever considered using the massive Mk. 2 Plague Marine bodies to build non-Death Guard models, but your solution here is really cool — especially since the damage to the warplate seems really appropriate for an Iron Warrior, and the added tubes actually look like field-repairs.

    If I have one – small – suggestion, it would be to carefully paint on some red/purple washes and/or red glaze around the areas where the metallic parts and implants meet the flesh of his face, so as to make the skin look a slightly distressed and irritated there — always a great way to add that certain, haunted look to a traitor legion model 😉 By the same token, I think the eye sockets and deepest recesses on that Fallen Imperial Fist’s face could also use a similar treatment to bring out that extra bit of depth.

    But anyway, fantastic work all around! 🙂

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