Its been a while since I’ve posted here and that’s due to many reasons, we moved the 12 months of hobby off this blog onto another.

Also Life has been very busy and while I’ve had the time to paint and build, i’ve just not felt up to the blogging side of things well here goes with a couple of posts to get myself back into it a little

I’ve been working on my Orks and seeing the beast snagga’s to say i’m excited is an understatement while not all of the models sing to me having new ork kits is just amazing and will be adding many of these units to my force.

I have rightfully been trying to get all my remaining ork’s done and finished in advance of this boxset coming out and my current backlog is as followings

I also have a random box of boys I got in a trade but I’ve never been keen on them so not sure I’ll ever get them done – who knows…anyway on to what I have done.

Ork Big Mek Boss – Grimgob

I like to have a representation of me in every army and this one is mine. I had fun with this one converting him up and also painting all the wires in old UK colours 🙂

Ork Kommando

I did these as a fun unit for March for Macragge and finsihed the nob in time, the rest i finished in April and I enjoyed them so much I almost finished 5 more.


Got this done and magnetised the front to enable a later upgrade if i decide to do it 🙂

Shokkjump Dragsta

The last buggy done now I have at least one of each of the 2018 release buggies and trikes these have all been so much fun and they’re really what got me back into the Orks 🙂


This is a repaint from 2012 if you can believe it, I had this model 90% done in 2012 but sold it off, I had the chance to buy it back recently so I got it and updated it promptly.

Army So Far!

These are all the Orks i’ve painted since 2019 and stopping the black legion!

It’s been a good year and a bit!


  1. This is an absolutely phenominal amount of work and the quality is amazing. I love your Orks. Really really cool, so glad you got back into them.


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