Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Months 7 is upon us and I’ve cannot believe we’re getting towards the end of the year on 4 months left to go!!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

This is the monthly update of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on any of the pervious months by using the search bar above and selecting the 12 months of hobby category.

Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


Another slow painting month for me, but definitely feel standard is improving. Enjoyed painting the kelermorph too…maybe the start of a new army! 


Didn’t get a lot finished this month, hoping to make up for it over the next few with a quick contrast job on my new Necrons.


I started the month committed to painting more Marines. I managed to finish a Warsuit and was really proud it got featured on the Hobby Round up! My first ever model to make it on there! After that I changed direction and went back to my sisters keen to get more of them finished ahead of 9th. Cue Hospitalier, 5 Retributors plus Armourium Cherubs and my last 3 Seraphim to give me 2 units of five. Next month will be more sisters as I attempt to finish them off before starting work on Indomitus. 


I’ve been progressing some bulk painting for AoS armies, but they’re still a fair way from completion. What I’ve found most rewarding is the smaller side projects that saw me complete warhammer Underworlds scenery, plus another warband – the Grymwatch, in this case. 


I brought some models, this was inevitable.

So this month I aimed to clear as much of my Necron backlog as possible before my Indomitus boxed arrived. Apart from the Ghost Ark and a couple of character models this was a huge success.

Although I have many WIP models the overall theme of washed out oil metal with gleaming golden highlights is showing very well on the army as a whole at this point and the project is certainly coming together. I also have a very large amount of standard Warriors from a couple months back that will need a gold touch up and some of the newer style Gauss rods from my Immortal blasters to make them fit in a little better but otherwise smooth sailing from here. Currently waiting on another Reanimator that I was hoping would have arrived by now and also a 2nd Warden but otherwise I am going to be saving up for the Codex release and the other new models.

I have now however run out of Leadbelcher spray.


A great month of learning in July. I successfully stuck to my pledge of getting the two busts done, and I got a sprinkling of other minis too. 

I can’t recommend having a go at some larger scale stuff enough. A great challenge that really makes you think about your style of painting. I’m probably the most proud of the Rosie bust, i feel like I’ve captured the skin tone far better than I ever thought i could. 

On to next month, I’ve got some Iron hands test models done for indomitus, so that will form the majority of August.

Exalted (Wilson)

With the new box set, I was really motivated to get something done. As a result I think I’ve produced some of my best paint jobs. It was also nice to take a break and paint something not Warhammer related.


July has seen lots of building models for me, and I enjoyed that, but I failed a bit to get my target of painting for this month and only really finishing the Foetid Bloat Drone. Most got the penalty for buying Indomitus, but not me!! Nope I dodged that hahaha! But then came Kill Team- Killzone : Death world Forest… Oh well.. 🤣
August will be a smaller commitment as I will also be on holiday, but painting oriented. 


Painted the little pumpkin guy as a fun little thing to paint and to try and use orange a little more. A colour I don’t often use. I painted Amallyn Shadowguide as a break from purple. I really wanted to explore more colours and stop relying on purple so much


Not much to say except I got a bit more time on my hands and thus tackled a little more minis than the previous couple months. I enjoyed it quite a lot. But I’m afraid my backlog got a hit due to the Indomitus Subitus outburst.

Dr Orktagon

The odd state of the world is finally denying my hobby mojo. I’m finding that clearing time to just sit down and paint is tough. 

I did complete 3 Ork bikes. These took a lot more time that I thought. Lots of details. I am though happy enough with the 3 that I got done. 


With the impending arrival of a certain Box Set, I set myself the challenge of completing the Ultramarines (Gravis Captain and 5 Hellblasters) from Dark Imperium before Indomitus release.

Bearing in mind the tragic history of the Dark Imperium minis (no dog eating them this time), and getting distracted with other projects along the way, eg Clumsy Sisters and Necromunda terrain, I managed it with a day to spare.. Using the rest of the month to make up some bases for the rest of the box, built up some Librarians and a Veteran from parts, assembled some Lightning fighters for AI and built the Captain from Indomitus (was a gift), and made a start on the Assaulty Chaplain I won in a giveaway 

Alicia TiDenzo

This month was mostly great to be honest. I enjoyed painting the Elucidian Starstriders, I even got an idea for a 9th edition crusade army from them. And as I got them finished with a few days to spare, I also managed to get a Salamanders Intercessor painted for one of my long term projects where I’m painting a copy of the same model for each of the First Founding loyalist chapters.


Bit all over the place this month. Got the first unit done for my Artillery Regiment though. Various other bits and bobs done, including the first Tauros build – made off a Ridgerunner chassis. Cracking on with sorting and painting some infantry as well as the Tauros will be the plan this month.


Bit of a slow month this month!


Due to a two week trip of to family, I missed my goal a little bit. Finished an oldhammer dread (the ones with which you can crash your opponents head when everything else fails 😉 and a good bunch of DeathGuard guys. They are really fun to paint and I hope I can work out more schemes that are more on the grimdark side of painting, since my Marines and Sisters often have a more clean appeal.

Sadly I wasn’t able to finish the Centurions, which I had unfinished in a drawer for years. But I decided to use them as a test for hazardous cables and this will take some time. Next month… sure 😀

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)31035345
Dr Orktagon29050340
Craig (cra1gwt)20035235
Ann – Four Dwarves115115


Every month is great I love seeing everyone’s progress and when I’ve finished writing the post I often want to go and get some painting done. Today is that day – If it wasn’t 30 degrees outside that’s where I’d be – In my garage painting.

Don’t forget there is always time to join in!

I follow most people on twitter or with the discord channel but some of these paint jobs have blown me away!

The standout hobbyist this month for me has been Dr Orktagon – I know what a pain those Ork bikers can be to paint but he has done a great job on them and the photographs are great! I’ve used my favourite picture as one of the header images for this post! Great job buddy.

What has been your favourite?

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