Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Months 8 is upon us and I’ve cannot believe we’re getting towards the end of the year and only 4 months left to go!!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

This is the monthly update of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on any of the pervious months by using the search bar above and selecting the 12 months of hobby category.

Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


It was a great month for me I finally managing to finish the Fire Warriors and get some more work done also with that support system. The Intercessors for my daughter and with those Death Guard models, making sure I don’t have any grey plastic around for that army, well 1 now but that is because the kit of Lord Felthius is a bit lacking (melee weapon for the plaguespitter carrying dude) so he is waiting for me to by a Blightlord Trminator kit so he can also have a stabby or choppy thing of his own.


Quite happy with the progress this month, I think banners might be my niche when it comes to painting, and it was nice to get my Tech Priest done (hope I’ve done the conversion justice).


Really enjoyed and pleased with my progress this month. Setting myself a fairly loose goal definitely helped and I got so much more done!


Didn’t get as much painted this month as I’d hoped I would. But I’m happy to have finished the final Necron warriors from the starter box. They’re such good sculps, I can’t wait to get started on the rest of the ‘crons! 


My aim was to finish a bunch of Gravis armoured marines on September so naturally I painted 4 then ran off and did some Sisters instead. Definitely more excited to play Sisters than my marines so will probably plod on with more of them in October.


I didn’t actually pledge anything this month not because I wasn’t going to join in, but because I wasn’t sure what I was going to paint. In fact a few models I started early on I didn’t really do much with. But what I did do was three different potential colour schemes for my Crusade army (The three Primaris marines), two models from Bad Squiddo, a Heroforge model which has had my brain ticking over on a potential setting for some writing ever since and possibly the oldest miniature I currently own in the form of a 90’s metal Terminator. It’s been a very up and down month for my creativity and I’m starting to get a bit of a handle on what caused that so hopefully I can use it to mny advantage in the future. I did also kitbash and paint a model, including a little bit of sculpting, but as it’s not quite finished yet, it didn’t make it into this month’s offering. It should be in next month’s though


Covid/work disruption again… Had to adjust to working away again, only to be sent home again last week.
But I did get through 3 boxes of AI Planes.. Should only have been 2..but 1 appeared in the post… Never will I try that many planes again!! Found it a real struggle to get motivated the last few days of September.. But I only had a few bombs and missiles to paint so wasn’t too bad in the end. 
Also put together some Indomitus Marines, a few old ones, helped the kids with their minis… And started on a couple of secret projects… 


A disappointing months in terms of quantity. Only a dozen or so minis finished. But, I’m pretty happy with all of them, in terms of finish. 

I’ve built up a bit of backlog to try and shift for next month. But we’ll just have to see how that goes. A mixed bag coming up. Done with black armour for now! 


This month has seen some steady progress. I finished off my Vanquisher (although I already have found mistakes and may be going back to fiddle later) and completed my Tauros conversion. I’m happy with how it turned out and learned a fair bit so the build and paint should be simpler next time.
Also on the paint station were a couple of old Kasrkin and Stormtrooper squads, now doing service as Scions for the General Staff’s protection detail. 
Away from the Guard I freshened up an old Apothecary with a head swap.
Next month will see more guard and maybe a couple of marine characters. 

Dr Orktagon

After a month off doing real life things, it was great to find some time to paint again this month.

It was also a return to painting space marines, having not tackled any of the (false) emperor’s finest for 18 months.

Howling Griffons are always the chapter I paint my marines, even if the only ones I get are part of box sets or random other places This month I painted 5 incursors (from the recent Ork / wolf box) and 4 marines from the hatchette magazine. 

I’d never sit down, aim for a 1750 point army and think…oooh, I’ll do them all in yellow and red quarters. These are always a bit of a nice distraction from other bigger projects. Only 5 more marines and I’ve none left in the to do pile. 

I do think my painting is flattered by my photography. 

Next month…Orktober

Exalted (Wilson)

Slow going as always. Looking forward to new Space Marines!


Not much to talk about this month as with the school starting again I wasn’t able to paint at all. However I was into gluing plastic around quite a lot and finally building a kind of diorama with a repurposed dino toy that one of my boy was asking for quite some time. I also did some conversion/kitbashing for the first time on a ogor tyrant.
I really need to tackle the brushes for the last months of 2020 to have something to play with at some point.


The minis I painted this month allowed me to get a bit of my painting mojo back on, I had lost it since june.
I really struggle to paint pink skin tone, I haven’t found a good way to do it so I still have to keep practicing, that’s why these standard mini from Blackstone Fortress are handy


After last months big success, it was a safe bet, that I would try to do too much this one, and so I finished just half of my pledge.
Anyway I was able to finish a model I was too intimidated of for three years and boy am I happy that I finally gave Celestine a paint job 🙂
As a bonus I did a big step on batchpainting and painted a total of seven Intercessors, to be correct, I batchpainted eight models, but the ancient still needs a bit more work. Nonetheless I’m happy with the result and will in future surely try batches of ten.


I started really swiftly by painting Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven very rapidly, but then took a painting break for a bit. I’ve got Morgok’s Krushas half done, but have actually gone back to do a few historical miniatures. None finished, as I’m having to do mass painting – I suspect October’s total could be quite high! 


Not much to show for this month as I’ve been surprisingly busy. Working in tech you may have seen the new NVIDIA graphics card launch and.. then have no stock so yeah it was fun. Otherwise pretty much have no sprue left untouched at this point apart from Morty.

I have been largely doing some more marines of the Crimson variety so please enjoy my Primaris Lieutenant WIP. Going into the new month looks scary due to all the new Necron releases and I’ll surely take a points hit and get a new backlog soon enough.

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)310353555435
Dr Orktagon290501050400
Craig (cra1gwt)2003530265
Ann – Four Dwarves115115


Every month is great I love seeing everyone’s progress and when I’ve finished writing the post I often want to go and get some painting done. Today is that day – If it wasn’t 30 degrees outside that’s where I’d be – In my garage painting.

Don’t forget there is always time to join in!

I follow most people on twitter or with the discord channel but some of these paint jobs have blown me away!

There has been a really good standard this month and it was really hard to pick a single hobbyist so I’ve picked two and it would have been 3 but I had already picked NoerdicPainter last month so he gets skipped this month (Sorry I loved Celestine though!) Therefore the standout hobbyist’s this month for me has been

Wulfhildr – The contrast Becky has managed to achieve in the tree dudes is just really nice and the photo’s really convey an atmosphere that is just really cool

Craig – Those blade coven look amazing, the blue and red’s used just really work and I find the whole model pops and nothing is missed. Really cool models would love to play against these at some point 🙂

What has been your favourite? Next month is my favourite month (ORKTOBER! WAAAAGH!) Everyone will be deducted 70 points unless they complete an Ork model in whichcase they’ll get an extra 50 points 🙂

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