It all started with Space Crusade and that first box of lead Blood Claws I bought but wasn’t allowed to have because they were lead and I wasn’t 14 yet (they had an age restriction back then). As a teenager I really got into Necromunda, Blood Bowl and 40k.
I really enjoy converting and started the blog Krakendoomcool at the start of 2018 while trying to make all 12 of the Wolf Lords. The blog has now grown with new contributors into what you see today.
I have 2 kids and still try to find time to convert and paint and blog. I’ll be posting about Space Wolves, Nurgle and Orks and as many Blood Bowl teams and conversions as possible.


I have been in the Warhammer hobby since the mid 90’s when my high school had a Warhammer club. I had been to a Warhammer shop while on holiday and seen a 2nd edition starter box which I annoyed my parents until i received it for Christmas.

I have started collected many forces but if I cannot get the vision for them to come to reality I generally sell them and move on. I’ve got a large Salamander Force and I’ve just finished a Ork force with 2019’s tale of four warlords.

My favourite character from the fiction is Artellus Numeon, 1st captain of the Salamanders, his story is just amazing and a true son of Vulkan. I also really enjoyed the character of Nemeroth from the THQ game Space Marine (2011)

In 2018 Krakendoomcool had started blogging about the space wolf warlord project he was completing I enjoyed the blog and the inspiration it gave him so I became part of it too. I joined Twitter, where I’m fairly active. My favourite aspect of the hobby is converting and showing these off on twitter and on here!


I have been involvine in Tabletop board games as far back as I can remember in the 80’s, my first experience with miniatures that I remember being Heroquest. I played Warhammer fantasy for quite a few years in my teens (Skaven and Lizardmen) then after a break got into Warhammer 40,000 in University and then got a lot more involved once I had moved and found new players. Now I have 7+ factions for 40k and shelves of other board games with their own minis. I love games, and I also really enjoy converting minis but always found the painting aspect to be a bit of a chore.

In 2018 I started contributing to this blog and in an effort to promote it, I started to try and network with people on Bolter and Chainsword, other Blogs and Twitter… Only to discover a whole host of hobby communities that really inspired me to try harder. Now I actually put some effort into my paint jobs and one of my favourite aspects of my hobby is the community interaction


I’ve been in the hobby a relatively short time, starting up at Christmas 2016 after my wife bought me a starter paint kit and the little Storm of Sigmar box. From there it was all down hill into Age of Sigmar – where I currently have Ironjawz, Nighthaunt, Moonclan Grots and am working on a converted Tomb Kings inspired Deathrattle army.

I was recently tempted into 40k by people who will remain anonymous (hint: they are the other authors of this blog) – and have started a mixed Imperium army with all the coolest models I like the look from the range. My favourite aspect of the hobby is coming up with new paint schemes and ideas for armies that no one else has. I’m very active on Instagram and Twitter where I post regular work in progress shots.

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