Following on from Badrukk a few weeks ago, I’ve continued with the Orks.

Orks are by far my favourite army. I enjoy the Iron Warriors and the odd primaris but these are very much a break from the ORks

I’m in the process of building these guys a battlewagon and I’ve started a Dakka Jet which i’ll paint around the same time as the battlewagon.

These Gitz I’ve tried to tie them into my Deathskulls with lots of Blue on the models and added in some yellow and red to make them really colourful and play to that ostentatious nature that these flash gitz are known for.


  1. Thanks Jenn! Yes I really enjoyed the colours and was keen to make them seem flashy and fitting for their role.

    I’m looking forward to getting crusade games with them in the future 🙂

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