We’ve finished the second month of our Tale of Four Warlords. This is the 3rd month of our challenge and our wider discord community updates this post is about our plans for the coming month.

Plans afoot

So Month 2 has gone it has been another slow month for some of our warlords this month, Illness, work pressures and real life have hit some of our team hard.

If you remember from the last post, we have just finished the 750 points / 38 power level and now are moving on with an additional 250 points or 12PL.

Over the next month and completed by the 31st of October 2019 our aim is to have 1000 points or 50 PL completed. This is good level and will be a really good force level. Lots of our games are played at 1000-1500 points so these armies are really becoming fully expanded.

The Orks have been going great! I’ve been managing to keep to my original theme of a mechanised mad-max-esque force.

I’ve gone buggy heavy and although these plans may change my thoughts are to build another boomdakka snazzwagon and spend a little time trying to make it look different to the other one I have.

I then have the option of a rukkatrukk squiqbuggy and that would round of my 250 points or I could add in some warbikers or some flashgitz and save the buggy for another month.

With the larger points values the other warlords are starting to add vehicles to their list, this is somewhere traditionally orks have struggled and I don’t doubt this will bes the same.

A helbrute and bloat drone will take me up to 1000pts so I’ll be hoping to catch up.

Still on catch up this month but I’m not far behind now only 3 models to complete and then will be adding in a helbrute and a bloat drone these will take me up to the 1000pts so I’ll be on target. Hopefully this month will see me catch up.

Uuuuuuurrghh….. Soooo… we had a doubles game with our armies this week and afterwards in the car I was discussing my army build with the others. I was making the point that in addition to not being very good with this army (GSC being a very competitive army in the right hands), I cant build a very good one. Partially due to my limited model options at the moment.

The advice they gave was “just pick whats cool and paint that!”, the trouble is that I get the impression that they are either buying things to go in their army or have such an impressive backlog they can take their pick from there. My limited options mean that the models I like don’t fit very well into the basic detachments, so I have had very small unit sizes crowbarred in one of the extra detachments (in my case, vanguard with my 3 elite choices).

So back to my groaning… UUUUUuuuuugggghhhhh… My problems are several smaller ones creating a big one. So I’ll follow the first and most importent bit of advice, pick something cool, Check!

I have decided to try and use a sensible detachment, like a battalion, which they others have been encouraging me to do this whole time. I need lots of Troop now though and one of the reasons I was going with my other unit choices though was the low model count to fit into my limited time! As of the last month, I have one Troop choice now… so now I need 2 more.

My other problem has been firepower, my first 500 points had NO RANGE and NO PSYKERS (we realised that I had never played a game without psykers). This is why I took the ranged troop choice last month, not a lot of staying power there though… so I added a tank this month, which also helps with model count!

However… fitting in this new stuff leaves me tight for points, so no I need to lose some of the more pricey things like the Abominant I have been using as my HQ. So I’m a new HQ too.

Finally, am Constantly burning through command points, so I am taking a model to try and economise my Command Point use and Taking a Nexos

Which in total leaves me with 18 models to paint this month… and one of them is a Tank. This… will be tight… if I manage to do it at all!

For the next round I am planning some more vehicles to be added to the mix, but I’m also aware that there’s points to be gained by painting more units so may paint tactically and bring another unit of guard into the mix.

For the vehicles, there’s another Leman Russ, a Termite and a Valkyrie/Vulture to bring into the game and many of these are a large chunk of points – so deciding on one or two to progress with this month could be me done.

I’ll throw it all against the wall (not literally) and see what sticks!


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