Miniswap – Typhus

A few months back, Heretic_Deb posted to gauge interest in a community mini swap. What is it? You ask. Well, its like a ‘Secret Santa’ for painted mini’s. I really loved this type of thing and used to participate in the freebooters forum Christmas swap. So I joined in.

All people participating were told to list a faction/product they were interested in receiving and also that the suggested value for the project was £20, but we were welcome to spend more or to even take from our own collections. On the 1st of July, @Heretic_Deb posted the match ups…

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Deb drew @gamingking1616 for me. So we got in touch over twitter, had a chat over discord and I got my list of wants from Rich.

I decided Typhus would be a great model to go with as I’ve actually painted him before back in the days of his previous model. Here are some photographs from about 7 years ago and I painted him 8/9 years ago.

I got the new model on order and had a think about how I wanted to paint it. I like a yellowy/green colour for the deathguard or the pale colours. I had a look at what I could achieve on the feet as tests and decided to use his left foot as the basis.

I decided to use a couple of pale greens I have in my collection and then glaze the model with a yellow glaze to bring out the green sickly colour. I wanted. You can see here on the left the model highlighted and painted up to the brightest colour using the airbrush and the right was after I had finished glazing with yellow. What a difference, right?

I started to block in some of the other colours, I decided to try something a little different on Typhus that I have just started to do on my salamanders and that is a gloss varnish stage before washing the whole model with a dark black wash, then using alcohol and a cotton bud to remove the wash where it had settled in places I didn’t want it.

Then I would matt varnish the model to seal everything in and get finishing.

Overall, I was really happy with how the model came out and here is the finished product! I’ve shared this image on Twitter and my recently setup Instagram. I’ve been asked by WarhammerOfficial if they can display the image on their site! Really chuffed.

Typhus, Herald of the Plague God