Goliath Rockgrinder

I’ve been anxious about and also looking forward to this project for a long time. no conversion work on this one, i love this model and I’ve had it for a year… I just had to paint it.

I really love the designs for the Genestealer Cults, I love the narrow window slits on the practical vehicles designed to traverse the difficult terrain around the mining colonies. I love all the gear, knicknacks and improvised tools, strapped to and carried by the various models. I like the ribbed armour plates that remind me of the interior design from Alien.

I also really like the colour that Games Workshop have painted their display faction. The very pale, grey/blue. I decided I would stick with that and it would also give me an opportunity to do something that I havent really been able to do yet, and that’s practice weathering.

The skill of weathering and the opportunity to practice it properly have eluded me for some time. Undoubtedly, in my eyes he is one of the most undisputed masters of the weathering is Greggles. His weathering is Phenominal and “easy”… if you are him, have all of the practice and all of the resources you require. You should definitely check out his stuff. He does reduction weathering where he essentially weathers something naturally by creating a rust layer and then flaking paint away back to that. I lack the tools necessary to do that so I have to do addition, where I paint the weathered patterns over the top of the paintwork.

Until now I haven’t been able to practice Weathering very well because of the themes for my Armies…

Tyranids – not a lot of rusty paint on them
Thousand Sons/Ad Mech – Darker colours making it harder to weather
Grey Knights – Clean silver armour

So with this army and colour scheme, this was a fantastic opportunity to practice weathering. Very rugged vehicles that specifically take a beating and are maintained on the fly, with a pale colours that will show off mud and rust spots well. I didnt follow the video above but kept in mind the various bits of advice that I had heard from the people I spoke to on twitter over time. So the approach I planned on was…

The light sponging on of Rhinox hide – rust spots
Using Reikland Fleshshade, Agrax Earthshade – dirt splatter, diffused rust
Boltgun Metal and a light silver – worn edges and scratches

I’m really happy with how this went, it went a lot better than I expected if I’m honest… and also took longer than expected too. I’m pretty sure there’s a connection there. I started off just wanted to get a decent weathered appearance, but then I got sucked into all the little details all over the model.

Practice with Lights and OSL

The crew and some Practice with Lenses (I was inspired by Co-Blogger, Warbringer’s Lenses on his Ork Warboss, Buzzgob)

Areas of heavy weathering, low down to the ground with lots of mud, taking a beating. I created a division between the doors with this, as it seems the lower half would open into the mud. Here you can also see greasy streaks from around the turret and also the open maintenance hatch… Where we keep the… fixing… dynamite?

This was my first effort painting heat burn. I tried to do it a lot more subtly on the exhausts than on the flame thrower. I followed Duncans Tutorial for this.

…At this point I thought I was finished and excitedly posted pictures on witter, and in those pictures I noticed I hadn’t painted the windows. *sigh*

So I got back to work for one more evening, trying my best to copy the window style from the pictures of the Goliath from the GW website.

And thats it! hopefully you found this interesting or hopefully useful. If you have any questions PLEASE ask, because I have no doubt that I will learn from them, the same obviously goes for offering advice to me. Reflecting on these photos while making this post, I think something else I wish i had done is weathered the red strip on vehicle more, like the ones on the website. something else for me to learn from next time I guess!

This is going towards my second month of Tale of 4 Warlords Genestealer Cult Army, an obscenely late Entry into Azazel’s Awesome August and also #Painthammer2019.

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