It’s been two weeks since we started our journey to collect, paint and play with our chosen forces in our Tale of Four Warlords. The first month is the hardest for most, with 500 points to get out the door. Week two is done and we’re back with more updates. We’ve also got some of our friends on the UK Hobbyist Meetup Discord server playing along, so let’s check in on our Warmongers and see how they’re all getting on….

Krakendoomcool: This week I started my Plague Marine squad. As it’s such a fast pace to get these out and I haven’t got a massive amount of hobby time I tried to speed things up by using contrast paints again.The first thing I wanted to do was find the right colour. I like the colour used in the artwork on the front of the Death guard codex. It also appears in a few other pieces and is reminiscent for me of really old Nurgle champions from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

I’d undercoated a few extra Plague marines to test on. I tried out mixing contrast paints to get the colour I was looking for. The champion on the left is covered in different ratios. In the end I was happy enough with a mix of 2:2:1:1 Terradon Turquoise, Plaguebearer flesh, Basilicanum Grey, Militarum Green. I made a pot of this and entirely painted the Plague Marine on the right with it.

I felt like I couldn’t quite get away with just the contrast though. So I did a highlight of Vallejo Pale Blue. Picked out the light from above and did a bit of edging. It was pretty quick and the contrast really helped me decide where to put the highlight. It’s also the only time consuming part of the whole model.

Here he is complete. The last part of the armour was to do the mould and rust streaks (didn’t have a separate photo of these two parts). I used a thinned down Wraithbone as little dots for the mould. I also used Gryph-hound orange thinned down for the rust streaks. This colour is also used on the rusty trim.Most of the other colours were happy enough for me to do as contrast over the green with a tiny highlight on the rust and metal. So that saved a load of time. The horn and tentacle areas I had to go back and redo wraithbone so I could do them in contrast.For future models I may be a bit neater with the initial contrast green mix colour so I don’t have to go back over with Wraithbone. But I almost feel like I saved so much time anyway I might just be chucking the contrast on again. Plus you know, laziness. Now I really need to crack on through the other 6 to have any hope of finishing 500 points.Plus a sneak peak at whats to come…

Warbringer: The second week has been hard work. It always is starting a new force. I wrote my list which has 17 models in and a good mix of cool models. With the Heatwave it has been really tough to get progress, I’ve managed to speed up my painting and blocking in the gold colours. I’m still trying to be tidy to save me time in the future.

I managed to base all the black on the chaos space marine squad and the sorcerer. I did manage to get some gold blocked in but struggling with the heat in my hobby/boiler room I’m not where I wanted to be.

I did manage to do more on a single guy and I’ve been working on a mini for a Twitter mini swap as I’m hopefully meeting the chap I’m painting for Sunday so would be good to hand it over in person.

Ritual: This week was a little bit lighter in terms of the number of moels painting, but I still made pretty strong progress in terms of points.

First up I decided to treat myself to painting one of the characters and got to work an Enginseer. Using much of the same techniques as the Skitarii Rangers from last week the base colours were easy enough to get down quickly.

I wanted to nod towards the traditional Enginseer models with their burnished metals, red cloaks, hazard stripes, and brightly coloured cables and screens.

Weathering down the metals took the hardness off some of the brighter metallics, I used my trusty AK Interactive Engine Grime and Engine Oil here, and then added some highlights back in and applied hazard stripes liberally. I took the red and applied to the wires and cables, and also the lenses. Then to pull the green in I painted the plasma with a minty green.

Overall I am happy with how this guy came out, even if he is an absolute nightmare to take decent photos of due to the depth of field requirements from the servo skull at the back to the drill bit at the front.

It was about this time that the heat set in… This caused a dramatic downturn in the amount of painting I felt like doing of an evening.

I attempted to make a start on the other Wulfen but wasn’t feeling it, so got to work on my Psyker…

 The TMM gold was nice to work on but I did get a bit deep into it so didn’t make as much progress as I should have!

Much less productive week this week… I blame the weather. Hopefully I can pull it back next.

Pandora’s Bitz Box: So this week I wanted to work on the two characters that will likely make it into my army… bizzarely focusing on the one that isnt in my first 500pts for some reason, the Patriarch (I did litereally nothing with the Abominant, who IS in my first 500). I did actually get quite a lot done on the Aberrants too as well as add some of the my Tyranid skin tone to a few more Genestealers.

Things are certainly progressing! We’ve got two weeks to go, time to get that paintbrush moving up a notch.

To finish up, let’s see how our friends on the Discord server are getting on….


Dark Luke


Dawn Blades 10th Company


That’s all folks, see you next week with another update from the Warmongers!

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