Blight drone discharging itself for good behaviour


The blight drone (greater blight drone now) is one of my favourite models. Forgeworld really spoils the followers of Nurgle and this model is no exception.

I saw this model first hand at Warhammer World, painted by Mark Bedford. It was so different to everything else. So different from everything else Nurgle at the time too. That intoxicating mix of daemon and machine that when done right is mesmerising. Not just daemons, very much 40k daemons. Here’s that one from the display cabinet.

Official blight drone model on display at Warhammer World – painted by Mark Bedford

Posting it up here I’m looking at that rust, it’s phenomenal. The tank trap is a cheeky touch too as the drone obliviously flies over it. But the sewage discharge I thought was an amazing effect. Just this side of too filthy for an actual model. Also gives a great illusion of flying as it also acts as the stand. I don’t know how he did it but I knew I wanted to do it too.

Here’s my effort…


I was aiming for a bit of a rusty ship wreck look for the paint job on mine. I was really into that look at the time.

The discharge part was made with a bunch of thin wires shoved up a hole I made in the tail. This was to give it enough support. One wire bent but I didn’t think that would be an issue.


I also made wires that rebounded back upwards for the splash effect. On the ends of those wires would be a hard wire tip which would be hard to disguise. So I decided to put green stuff maggots on the ends of those and in the main stream too while I was at it. The left most maggot in the pic below is spinning off balled up as part of the force of the discharge.


The maggots were painted first. I then used a hot glue gun to make the discharge itself. I inked it afterwards. It is opaque and you can just make out the wires in some places although this also reads as ‘stringy bits’ 🤢.

I added a bit more cabling hanging down and the oil drums to the base. I’ve borderline overcluttered the base and ruined the illusion of floating I worked hard for. But he’s finished and I’m pleased with him.

Here are some of the gw concept designs for the blight drone model for interest…


I find concept sketches really interesting. I was considering making more blight drone with some variety. Although now the bloat drones are out I can alter them. A three eyed one is also present in the pic at the top of the article and seems like a must.