We’ve finished the first month of our Tale of Four Warlords. This is the second month of our challenge and our wider discord community updates.


I think it’s fair to say that we were very ambitious with the first month target of 500 points and while some people managed to complete it its been tough to maintain the momentum into the second month. Many people have not managed to get their 500 points done as they have not wanted to rush the modelling process or paint process and instead finish something they’re really proud of. This should be applauded.

We therefore have decided that it makes sense we extend the dates to the 1st of September 2019 for the 1st 500 points which gives everyone and extra 20 days to complete their first amount.

Also to make it easier for anyone to join in and have fun with us the Force Org restriction has been lifted for all months to make it easier to be part of the build.

Then the next 250 points will be set for the 1st of October, this should be a fun experience building an army up over time with friends, play and learning about the army as you go. Not a rush to the finish and being annoyed with the process all the time, or always feeling like you’re working to a deadline or worse always behind.

Which means we should still by 31st of December all have built 1500 point forces

Force OrgAnyAny Any Any Any
Power Level (or)2538506375
111th of July31st of August
21st of September30th of September
31st of October31st of October
41st of November30th of November
51st of December31st of December

I was doing the Black Legion and I have been thoroughly enjoying them, however I have been struggling with pain in my wrist and arm for the last few months with it getting ever worst. I spoke to our occupational health team who came and did an assessment for me as I was sure it was RSI. Apparently that wasn’t likely to be it so I was refereed to the GP to have an assessment.

They assessed and it looks like I’ve got Carpel Tunnel, which was great, well good to know but doesn’t help.

Why does this matter I hear you ask, well it means I’m really struggling with painting the detail black legion as gripping the brush to paint all the gold detail and the fine highlights means i contort my hands into a certain position which is not particularly the best for my pain relief. I’ve had my hand spasm while paint them once.

I was getting annoyed so decided to paint something else for “Fun” I had already decided to do an Ork army in my off time between the Chaos Marines on this Challenge. When I was getting low from the failure of painting Chaos I decided to switch out to Orks!

This is the first Ork I’ve painted in year and it was a blast! The Deffkilla Wartrike is me incarnate, If i was an Ork this is who i would be the boss on his beloved Wartrike riding into battle crumpin’ all the ‘umies and ova tings in da way. Both Kunnin’ and Brutal’

I then decided to paint another buggy as i’m planning my death skull’s force to be fast moving speed waaagh style force. I really enjoyed this buggy they paint so well and it was brilliant fun.

I’ve got to add blue tattoos to all my army but still practising this currently so don’t want to hold up the models.

This Takes me up to 340 points completed for the 500 due this month which isn’t too bad considering I’ve had to start again. I’ve Just finished the Megatrakk Scrapjet and really enjoyed the more metallic style on the body. Still behind where I should be but I’ve got a plan to get me back on track.

Made quite a bit of progress and got a bunch of painting done. The Blight Hauler is painted up.

I managed to get the cultists/mutants/renegades finished too.

I’ve now got 1 model level to finish the 500 points. It’s a malignant plaguecaster but could also be used as Necrosius in the future. It is heavily based on Necrosius. It’s still WIP but is very much underway!

For this second month my original idea was for me to paint as little as possible as I had a few other things I wanted to get on with at the same time, like the Mini Swap.

So my whole 250 for this month was going to be a Goliath Rock grinder and a Patriarch… which is already painted, which means I only have to paint a the Rock Grinder! now Maybe I could have painted it a lot faster if I knuckled down but it took me while to get my head in the game. I think I just want to do a good job of weathering it and I’m not really sure what I’m doing. So this is where I am so far, with plenty more to go…

So I have the base colours down mostly and I’ve started to do some of the shade and weathering. I’m putting more effort into this than I did with the infantry as its a bit of a centre piece, but at the same time I’m trying to make use of shades and contrast paints to sort of short cut the beginning stages, with the goal of putting the effort into the final details in the hope that will really finish it well.

In the event I get this finished in good time I’m going to try and take the advice of my fellow warlords and try to make up for a distinct lack of firepower and psyching buff/debuff/defence. These would replace the Patriarch which also allows me to keep my apparently over costed but still amusing HQ option, the Abominant.

The Magus and Neophytes I think will add some much needed ranged ability and also, strategic options. Out of the 3 games I played I won 2/3, but I was very lucky with the missions that got drawn and could have easily been hamstrung by my lack of defence against smite, my lack of ability to cause mortal wounds and counter invulnerable saves, and VERY short range attacks that are too few in number.

…OR… I will fail to paint very quickly and get another 2, very short range, high damage models. Only time will tell!

+++++Inquisition Redacted Statement +++++++
+++++M2 823 +++++
+++++Access Level Vermillion 2483 required+++++
+++++Access Denied+++++

This is how the points are scored each month as reminder from the original post.

Points Table

Monthly ChallengesPoints
Playing a Game (Maximum of 2)1
Winning a Game (Maximum of 1)2
Increasing your army by adding more models/units (New Models Maximum of 4)1
Having a fully painted Leader (Maximum of 1)1
Having 1 fully painted troop squad (Maximum of 2)1
Having a fully painted force each month2
Basing all of your models (Pandora)1

Month 1 – Table

WarlordsMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Total 

Let’s see how our friends over on Discord got on.

Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Total 

That wraps up the second month first update…Will we finish? Next post will be about how we did and also the games we played!


  1. Great stuff guys – very cool to see you all working together towards a set of common goals – and kicking goals while doing so with such amazing paintwork. A whole bunch of stuff in each of these posts so far worthy of a post each.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Rory, its great fun building it up it really helps to keep me motivated seeing what my fellow bloggers are achieving.


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