Writing my Oblituary – Kitbash Obliterators

Making your own Obliterators is practically a right of passage as a Chaos player. I liked my original Obliterator models. Barrels coming out of eyes, mouths the works…


They are three distinct models. This is how Obliterators were released originally so this is how I knew them.


I was happily using these. The new models came out…


As far as I can see its basically three different heads and all of the rest of the model is the same. It’s also ugly, not in a good Nurgle way either.

So I carried on with my old ones. But then my opponent one day couldn’t believe I was using the old ones when there were new bigger ones available. I really wasn’t going to get those new bigger ones. So I decided I had to make my own.


This was my favourite bit of Obliterator art I could find so I decided to base my Obliterators on this. It looked to me a bit like a Chaos terminator so that was the base for mine.


This is the first one. There are quite a few bits on this guy I based on the artwork. I found possessed arms to be very useful for the Obliterators. They are bigger and have a lot of flesh to armour transitions which were very useful.


I put a couple of claws from the old chaos dreadnought scourge on the back of the possessed arm to represent a powerfist type weapon, that’s what they had on the table top. Green stuff fleshy bits are all over this model. I also used a spike and green stuffed into the 8 pointed star on the shoulder pad, the artwork had this and I thought it was a nice touch. This model is pre tentacle maker, so I use a lot of guitar strings to represent cabling and the wires that poke out the top of the Obliterator.


The lascannon is from Space Crusade! Between that and the chaos dreadnought scourge this model has some real heritage. I added an ammo box and more greenstuff. The shoulder pad on this side has a green stuff vent and a couple exhaust pipes green stuffed on.


The head is a Space Marine Captain head, all three Obliterators are actually. The respirator look is one of my favourites in 40k generally, it’s quite a vicious look. A bunch of paper clips and more green stuff finishes him off.

My second Obliterator…


At the time the Obliterators could pick and choose their weapons each turn. Even though they could have anything (alien weapons, chaos tech etc) on the models I found it useful to wysiwyg them (in a fashion) to help me remember my options mid game. So that’s how you end up with a plasma cannon and twin plasma gun toting model. The plasma cannon on terminator look is a nice one (only seen on Dark Angels these days I believe).


This was a particularly pleasing case of possessed arm armour being the exact right width and cracking and transitioning into flesh exactly where i could put the plasma cannon. Green stuff fleshy bits. Canister on top. Done. The possessed arm had wires also and I could keep the big plasma feed that goes all the way round the back.


Another captains head, this time a bit Borg like finishes him off…


My third obliterator…


Another Space Marine Captain head, this time looking like The Terminator. I got to put my favourite Cyborgs into this project.

With this one I started to think about how the Obliterators got all the various weapons on demand. I was basically imagining a Chaos cross between transformers (with transforming noise) and the final scenes from Akira where Tetsuo’s body goes out of control.

This is where I make an Obliterator mid change, this guy has a plan. He’s fighting a rhino full of space marines (in my mind). He’s used a multi melta to destroy the Rhino, now he is using a heavy flamer on them and will need a powerfist next.

Multimelta, past tense…


It’s sort of folding away, been used and will go back up into the Obliterator body/mess of tech and bio matter. Around the front there is a slack bit of cabling to help demonstrate that it’s folding away. Now the Scourge claw is descending to become a power fist around the back.

The heavy flamer is in use, I’ve extended the barrel for aesthetics. The green stuff on this is completely based on the Akira body horror images…


All three all together, my favourite Cyborgs…


I probably did these about ten years ago but I still enjoy using them. Now my opponent gets to say ‘why aren’t you using Centurions as a base for your Obliterator conversions’…

Maybe next time, I’ll make some Centurion Obliterators.