What have I done?

If you want to know where the progress pics of this project are, read this preface, if not, then please feel free to skip to the end for the juicy pics….

This project has been complete since the 10th of June 2020. I’m making that statement not because of people finding this post well after its been written… but because I don’t know how long its going to take me to write this post. I did this project in secret as it was a birthday surprise, but I still kept a photographic record of its progress because I knew I would be making this post one day.

…unfortunately now I have to look through well over 200 photos and figure out which ones I upload, not wanting to use put them all into the blogs media and take up valuable space unnecessarily.

I also don’t know how long the post will be if I put the whole thing down as a start to finish post, using all the photos. I don’t people plucking the keys out of their foreheads after passing out on their laptops while trying to get to the end. Now that I’m typing though, it seems I have come to a solution, which is this:

  • his first post will have the finished pictures of the Nurgle Knight and some of the overarching details of the project. like the inspiration and “planning”.
  • Following this I will do individual posts covering individual aspects of the knight, like individual limbs/weapons and the body.

At the end of this post people will be free to ask questions in the comments about details of the knight which I can then try to answer in the following posts! That way we can encourage some fun discourse, and of course it also stops me from imploding under the sheer pressure I’m putting myself under to do this the most sensible way possible without omitting useful information.

The Good Bit

Back in 2018 I finished my first large and possibly most ambitious conversion, the Khornate Knight. After that the people that know my started their chants of “Which alignment of chaos knight are you going to make next?!”. Its only naturally since it was a present for my friend who collects a Khorne aligned chaos force, I collect Tzeentch, another friend collects Nurgle… aaaaaand if your making 3 then why not make a Slaanesh one too? Lets just say it was on the cards but no commitment or promises were made. Until I saw this…

Now I’m not saying I saw the new chaos knight and felt that the option was now available to me because of the kit… I’m saying I made a mistaken glance at this box photo, which inspired a primary concept of the project.

…Specifically this part. “IS THAT A SCYT-… oh wait no i’m an idiot… but… what if IT WAS ONE!!!” was pretty much my thoughts within about 5 seconds of seeing that image. A Scythe meant Nurgle. Nurgle meant my friend and co-blogger Krakendoomcool. That meant… SECOND SECRET CHRISTMAS KNIIIIIIGHT!!!

“wait a minute… this post just said you finished in June?”. Yes. Yes it does say that… I may have set an over ambitious goal of less than 2 months to complete this, then suddenly realised that was impossible and it took 7 months total to complete. I stopped working on it 3 days before I handed it over for his birthday and even then only because I had to let it decontaminate for 3 days before I gave it to him because of the pandemic! otherwise I likely would have still been doing something to it up to the day I delivered it.

So I got in touch with a few inspiring individuals on Twitter and threw them a sketched up idea, it was never meant to be the final product but I was just throwing some ideas around. they liked where I wanted to go with it and wished me luck.

So this is what I came up with. I knew I wanted it to have a scythe, that was the easy part to decided. The Avenger cannon is quite universally useful in terms of rules and also who doesn’t love a gatling cannon? I had seen people using the glotkin as a body for the knight before, but true to form, I do not have a lot of useful spare bits. Then I remembered the plague toads, which I know he has some of and we both love the designs because they are so cool.

I finally get to return the favour to Azazel and showcase some of his minis

So I decided I wanted a big mouth in it. I wasn’t sold on they eye coming out of the hatch but there was wiggle room for that. Finally I knew I wanted a mix of machine and flesh. I was very inspired by Sulkan and his gritty Nurgle stuff, and generous use of pipes, so i knew I wanted lots of hanging pipe work. For the flesh… I wanted something to bulk it. Fortunately I had seen a very interesting video by @voiceofkosh and @The_Grunkle on making a nurgley helbrute using expanding foam.

I really loved the results and spoke two my little nurgle focus group to throw them the idea of using expanding foam. This pool of people with extensive knowledge of converting nurgle stuff, my invaluable resource that would steer me right, my opportunity to avoid pitfalls before I fount them… all unanimously said “DO NOT USE EXPANDING FOAM”. I felt a little crushed, I was so set on the idea but I really valued their opinions, when I probed further they said all the stuff I expected. It’s difficult to control, impossible to predict and a nightmare to remove if you go wrong.

…I do love a challenge though.

However I’m not stupid enough to ignore those with experience. so I decided I would just have to remove the challenges they spoke about while still using expanding foam. How do I ensure that while I’m using it on the model it’s easy to control, makes no unexpected changes and is easily removable if I’m not happy with the results?… you wait until its set of course.

so armed with a couple of knight kits, plasticard, paper clips, guitar wire, some products from Zinge, milliput and Green Stuff… I got stuck in. It took 7 months and a number of hours I’m unwilling to divulge openly for Krakendoomcool’s sake (he already feels he doesn’t deserve it).

These are the last stills I took of it, I did do a little more to it and I have more detailed pictures of small areas but I’ll include those in the later posts. Thank fully to get the full effect of the final mini, Krakendoomcool made me a spin around on his motorised turn table at home that will hopefully convey what its like to see up close.

…And thats it! The culmination of all that work and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was even sad to stop working on it! Hopefully though I managed to get the right density of detail so it doesn’t look overcrowded but also looks enough like the existing GW stuff.

It’s name is Koh’Vidzix

*Edit* – I’ve finished the the follow up posts! you can see them here

The next thing to look forward to will of course be Krakendoomcool actually painting it…

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


    1. Oh brill, I was a little worried no one would care about the “how” and just be happy with viewing the end product ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Smashing good work!

    I get the Akira vibes looking at the Nurgle Chaos Knight as a bloated, deformed and corrupted vessel. The amount of grotesque detail and planning paid off in the end.

    Pray to Nurgle.

    Well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had a few people mention Akira! And while that wasn’t a particular influence non the design I very much take it as an appropriate compliment of what I was going for so thank you very much!


  2. Wow, that is a thing of real Nurgly beauty – top work! Cheers for the useful description of how it was done as well, really interesting and useful (loved the sketch – beats the hell out of the kind of plans I draw!). Oh and I did enjoy the fact that you needed to leave it for three days to decontaminate – very fitting for Nurgle – life imitating art there I reckon ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha, yeah I’ve actually named it Koh’Vidzix. The phonetic way of saying COVID XIX. Didn’t realise when I started this I would rip a hole in the 4th wall and invite Nurgle through.

      I didn’t think I want into that much detail to be honest, I have a few.mor posts to go demonstrating various parts and ideas that went into the build, if theres anything else you want to know more about then please ask!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! Least I could do, I was thrilled when I did a search for place that’s and you were near the top ๐Ÿ˜„


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