I seem to have a way of painting lens that although I wasn’t happy about fully I’ve managed to get it so I am now and I seem to get lots of compliments on them and how I do them so I thought I would record the steps and have some pictures to help people out.

That’s Buzzgob which was the picture that started it all. I’ve managed to get my technique down and decided I would record the steps on the next Ork I paint.

That happens to be Ghazghkull Thraka so here is my tutorial.

Finished Lens and Colours

  • Incubi darkness
  • Kabalite green
  • Syrabite green
  • Gauss blaster green
  • White

Step 1

Basecoat the lens with incubi darkness

Step 2

Paint a small crescent moon on the bottom left of the lens with kabalite green.

Step 3

Paint a smaller crescent moon on the bottom left of the lens with sybarite green.

Step 4

Paint a tiny line with guass blaster green on the the bottom left of the lens and do a single White Dot opposite.

Note: some of the lenses like buzz gob’s above look good with an extra dot, you need to imagine the light glare.

Step 5

This is optional but I then tidy bad everything up with a very very thin wash of incubi darkness around the rim of the lens and tidy up the transitions if needed which actually makes the whole thing look brighter.

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

Warbringer Out!


    1. Thanks mate! I seem to get a few people asking about how I do lenses so I though rather than writing it out as a reply each time I could do a tutorial and hopefully it helps someone.

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