The Imperial Knights have a lot of options, and the Chaos Knights are no different. Do you go full Melee, full range, a bit of both? then there are choices of weapons within those options. The decision was already made for the other weapon arm on this big Nurgle Knight project, a chain scythe that could be a “counts as” reaper chains sword but look different enough for homebrew rules.

For this arm, I chose to go with what is widely accepted as the universally useful ranged weapon, the avenger cannon, so I could increase the likelihood that the recipient of the model would find it useful. Even if it’s rules change, who doesn’t love a gatling cannon/minigun? I didn’t have a spare Avenger cannon though so… I would have to see what I could come up with. I had some bits left over from when I got a Lord of Skulls sprue for the Khornate Knight, fortunately this had the gun on it which is a cyclical, multi barrel style gatling gun (it had 8 barrels rather than 7 but beggars cant be choosers…).

I knew I would have to mess around with it a bit but there was no “arm” to speak of this side of the knight, more like a big fat Akira style, bursting growth of flesh. So just had to sort of jam it into it somewhere that looked kind of right. The gun from the lord of skulls had a useful hollow, but attach that bit to the fat would have made it sit too far forwards or sit awkwardly at an angle. So I needed to bulk it upwards so I could sort of tuck it into the side of the fat. I cut the body of one of the knight guns in half and sat that on top of the gun before offering it up. I was happy with how it looked.

I then started fleshing out some details with milliput growths on the outside of the weapon and then using some thick guitar wires to ad some pipes to the weapon. At this time I didn’t know about the very awesome wrapped cables Zinge Industries makes, however one of the bonuses of guitar string is that its so stiff and durable that its easy to do these flesh covering in green stuff that you can cut holes in, without damaging or bending the wire inside.

I then started adding more details like cables from a helbrute kit, more cables (this time the easily poseable ones from Zinge), I cut away the eight pointed chaos star and green stuffed the fly symbol that I knew Krakendoomcool added to a lot of his death guard minis. I did similar on the inside of the gun, throwing pipes and cables all over the place as inspired by Sulkan‘s awesome, gritty, Nurgle stuff. I threw on some chains from the knight kit and inspired by Krakendoomcool’s own Helbrute I added some under slung axe blades to the gun. He loves a homage, so for his present to contain some references to his own work seemed appropriate… it was also at this point I realised that the pose of the whole knight had an uncanny resemblance to the helbrute too!

I’m really happy with how it turned out, If I was going to do anything more I think I would have looked at the growths I added. Those were added at the very beginning, almost like sketches of the growths I might want to add. most of the rest of the knights body had further layers of green stuff on top of the milliput, and while I think they look ok I think towards the end of the knight I didn’t really pay them enough attention. maybe the cables around them meant that there was enough detail already and that’s why I stopped focusing on them. Hopefully when painted it wont be an issue at all.

What do you think of the weapon? Have you done anything with these parts, any suggestions with what I could have done differently if i did something similar again? I hope you found this interesting or somehow useful!

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


    1. Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure this one would be a particularly popular post as its not as inolved as the rest. I need to build up to the next ones now, I think they might be more interesting

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    1. Thanks Pete! Glad your enjoying the updates, I need to get around to another post now, the next ones will be unavoidably more involved 😅

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    1. Ha ha ha, well I hope the chronology doesn’t matter too much. That’s why I put linked from the finished thing to all the others and from each of the focuses to the finished minis.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed them! (And impressed you got through them all. Some of them are loooooong. 😆)


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