Krom Dragongaze

Krom Dragongaze by Krakendoomcool

Krom Dragongaze is a great model and a key release for the Wolf Lords project. I use his body for two other Wolf Lords (Ragnar and Bran), his head for Engir Krakendoom and his axe for Gunnar Redmoon.

I talk about what a good fit he is for a Ragnar conversion in an earlier post. This model has a broad chest and flared wrists. These are a couple of features that really help sell him as a Wolf Lord and make the model so useful for conversions. Using the Wolf Pack kit to make Wolf Lords is doable. But the thick wrists you get on the Krom model really help sell your Wolf Lord conversion and isn’t something you can get from that kit. There are enough bits in the Wolf Pack box to make characters but considering how much detail and character your big standard Grey Hunter has you really need something to stand out in a Space Wolf army.

I left the model as is and painted him in the expected colour scheme. I wanted him to look like Krom so figured that would be the best way to achieve that.

His axe was fun to do, put a bit of effort into that…



So that’s Krom. Four Wolf Lords…eight left.