I converted a Daemon Prince of Nurgle a long time ago and then made him again with newer parts more recently. He was a success on the tabletop (he has an unbelievable undefeated status versus dreadknights) but was ageing.


This is GW’s daemon Prince of Nurgle. I think all Nurgle followers should feel blessed there is a Nurgle Daemon Prince model, the other god’s don’t have one and it’s got a lot of character. The bloat, chains on that thick sword, the fly detailing on the arm, the fly pattern on the gut, the ‘chimneys’. It’s held up remarkably well considering it’s age.

My main issue with him was I wanted to use him for gaming and he didn’t have wings. Also the face is a little cartoony (not a massive problem and I kind of like it now, goes with the sword too).

I’d been reading ‘flight of the Eisenstein’ and a character in that turns into a fly Daemon. Combining that with all the fly ques on this guy already and I knew I wanted a fly Daemon Prince. Nowadays fly daemon princes are ten a penny (and I’ve made two) but back then it really wasn’t a thing (honest!).

So here he is…


It’s the Nurgle Daemon Prince mainly. The fly head is from the chaos spawn sprue, it was the only one available at the time. The angle of the arm is changed a bit. Hopefully conveying a bit more mobility (he’s a fly after all) and possibly a fencer’s stance.


The wings are made from a plastic take away container. It was slightly opaque. I scored it, painted the veins, drilled it and put a bit of brown wash in. There were two tiny wing growth shapes in the spawn sprue which were used to attach the wings to the model.

He was great in-game from 5th edition onwards.  So I also wanted another to terrorise my opponents for this reason.

I was considering a Mortarion style conversion (pre-Mortarion release). I also considered a non winged flying daemon Prince. I even got as far as making some propellers like the blight drone has. But then the plague drones came out. I got some of these and you get two set of heads for the flies. So I suddenly had a load of spare fly heads. So the idea resurfaced to make fly Daemon Prince mark II.


I couldn’t get over how creepy that head was as soon as I held it up to the Daemon Prince body. I must have just watched Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘There Will be Blood’ at the time because the ‘i’ve drunk all your milkshake’ line has forever been coupled with this model.


It’s a real shame I don’t have any WIP shots of this guy. It was a mess of plastic, green stuff, chain, metal spikes, drilled holes and water filter balls. General ‘nurgling’ up with some deliberate details I wanted too.


I’d done a bunch of Fly symbols on shoulder pads for my marines by this point so that wasn’t anything new, it’s green stuff in a simplistic shape. It’s drilled and got pustules added for extra detailing. The spikes bordering the shoulder pad are just straight wires put in for general chaos feel, some chain and blight grenades (stuffed heads) added. The daemon princes head has a thick cable added either side with a tentacle maker. I’d had success making centipedes before in a similar way by scraping the cable near to where it meets the surface for legs. The head of the centipede is an odd little ‘Alice in Wonderland’ esque smiling face sculpt. Nurgle followers are often happy, but as you get zero good feeling from the daemon himself this is a tiny nod to that.


The other shoulder pad has more spikes, chains and blight grenade again. But also a poor soul chained up and ‘feeding’ the daemon sword. This idea came from this classic piece of artwork…


The sword itself is from the daemon Prince sprue ‘nurgled up’ with the many chains from the blight kings sprue and chaos marauders.

He also has a belly with a Nurgling inside from the blight kings sprue. His wings are three sets of the smaller wings on the plague drone sprue which was a happy accident when I tried to eBay a complete set of plague drone wings.


Here’s one of my plague drones for reference. Also this is where the wings are heading from a painting point of view. It’s a lot more subtle multi coloured wings. The effect is supposed to be more ‘oil refracted light’ and less ‘wood elf butterfly’ which the daemon Prince currently resembles. I have an ever increasing ‘laterbase’ and haven’t finished painting the daemon Prince. I think I was struggling with the colours of the wings and the green flames on the base and just started a new project.

One day I will finish painting him and maybe make a third one!



  1. I love these guys so much. I really like the way your nurgle army is painted, so the fist Daemon prince stands up on his own. The addition of the takeaway container fly wings sets him appart nicely fron other standard Nurgle princes.

    The trunk faced guy is epic. I love his long, fat, probing face… Snuffling around for untsinted flesh to rot and metel to corrode. His new generation wings are an interesting comparason to the budget ones (which i think, while they lack surface detail, still hold their own) and i like that its also not a single pair. His body is just covered in aopropriately nurgled detail, easily matching his brother and id love to see how you would tackle a third while avoiding to many similarities this one.

    All in all a couple of fantastic builds.

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  2. There are times where I definitely agree with some of the Nurgle models feeling/looking a little cartoony.

    I absolutely love your take on Prince of Nurgle.
    Wings aren’t easy. You made your own from recycled takeaway containers and they fit so well and look great.

    Master of Flies, he with the trunk, is hideous in the best way possible. Very unsettling to look at but so delightfully nurgley!

    To top it off your choice of colours really solidifies them. Nurgle without the overpowering clash of colours that you see sometimes (which are good, but I love this/your style more!)

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    1. Thank you very much, means a lot.
      I mean to tone down the colourfulness in the end. But if you like it that’s great. My main concern is he looks like a butterfly right now. I’ll get there in the end.


  3. The Daemon Princes are absolutely awesome — the first one, in particular, if fantastic! Love the scratchbuilt wings, and the glossy black eyes just work so well!

    If I can make one suggestion, the trophy heads (with the eyes stitched shut) are lovely bitz, but they really look rather unfinished as is and are letting the rest of the models down — I’d suggest at least adding some red and purple wash in the recesses and picking out the buboes (in red and yellow) and the stitches (either in a darker or a brighter colour). I think that would make quite a bit of difference, even if it’s such a small thing.

    Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

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    1. Hi mate,
      Really glad you like them. Your right about the heads being unfinished. Good painting tips also. I wasn’t sure whether to post the second one as he is. I basically stopped painting him suddenly (half finished) more than 2 years ago. Wasn’t sure if I’d ever go back and finish him. The wings and flames particularly bother me the way I’d left them. Anyway, I’m painting something Nurgle right now so I’ve got this guy back up and will finish painting him along with my current project. Thanks, it was the push I needed. 😉


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