I really hope you like this one as its one of my favourite conversions to date… my Chaos Helbrute.

I put some real effort into this one, it was one of those where it took longer than i expected not just because of a lack of time or being busy (which is always s factor) but also not wanting to screw it up. I know I like what I’ve done so far when that happens.

It would look just as finished without these right?…

I never had big plans for an old chaos dreadnought, i didn’t really like the model. I think the arms put me off for one thing, like the weird array of sticks with claws on the end. As time went by and forgeworld was a thing, i was tempted. Despite Nurgle having the coolest dedicated parts, there was a Thousand Sons body that i liked… But still not enough to part with my pennies.

The other factor of course was the rules, the Chaos Dreadnought could on a whim, suddenly turn all of its heavy weapons on your own things. While i might be the kind of reckless player that wouldn’t care that much, the fact i had friends not fielding them for that reason, put me off acquiring one.

Then the Helbrute happened. Lets face it, its a chaos dreadnought with a chaos name. The important difference was it didn’t tear into your own guys because it stubbed its toe. Unfortunately… I still wasn’t super into the model. I liked it more, but not enough. I liked a lot of the details but my gripe was its body posture was kind of on the same plane without the option of re-posing. it reminded me of those old models that as a result of moulding a solid piece of metal or plastic, looked like the had been frozen in carbonite.

Dark Vengeance did come with some other cool models though (although i understand that was like everything else a subject of much debate). The chosen are a bit busy looking but do stand out against standard marines and have a lot of cool details. The other model to catch my eye though was the lord. I loved it and intended to use him to add to my coven of sorcerers.

I sourced ebay but I couldn’t find one for a decent price. Then i came across a buy now option that altered all of my plans. For only a few pounds more than all the other sorcerers being sold… Was the whole chaos half of Dark Vengeance.


So now i found myself as the proud new owner of the model i wanted plus chosen, 10 more cultists and the Helbrute for basically free. I excitedly got building everything apart from the cultists (having just converted about 30 already so i would have no exact duplicates). I kept the chosen but ear marked the champion for a possible apostle conversion and there was one duplicate which i found annoying so he got condemned to the Possessed roster. I obviously kept the lord as he was, then looked long and hard at the “finished” Helbrute. I still didn’t like his posture.

I have a thing though where if i get a model i already have or i get one i didn’t really have to pay much for, I’m far more likely to try and convert it. So with very little hesitation i started hacking away at this one. I chopped its arms off, as i didn’t like the like that linear stance and wanted to change the melta on the gun arm. I put them back on facing more forward, which wasn’t much problem with the gun arm, but the arm with the fist arm there was a lot of missing material at the shoulder. I packed the gap with bits of spru and used a spare daemon prince shoulder pad on top. It looked a bit front heavy now, so I cut into one ankle and tipped his body back a bit and propped up the rock under the other foot.

So that was the pose dealt with but I definitely wanted to do more to personalise him. My army is all Tzeentch so a few continuing themes i try to put somewhere are bird parts, weird mutations and possession amongst other things. The shoulder pad i put on already has a daemon face in it. On the feet, i cut of the two side toes, leaving one at the back and two at the front to make it more like a bird foot, then I greenstuffed talons instead of the nails. I turned two of the collar horns to face outwards just for more variation and i think it makes it look more fractionally aggressive. I don’t really like spikes for no reason, my chaos army is relatively spikeless… But in order to give the Brute some height and a different silhouette from the standard Helbrutes, I added two banks of spikes busting out of the shoulder armour. The biggest and most obvious modification is my Helbrute’s face. I knew i wanted to make it different when I built it, i just didn’t know how at the time. I did intentionally omit the face from the build though. For a long time during a period of “I don’t want to screw up this next bit”, instead of a face was a curved and crooked paperclip. Eventually i got to work sculpting a tongue onto the paperclip. I incorporated some very short guitar string pipes in there and threw on some eyes for good measure.



As far as his load out, my vehicles tend to favour lascannons so i decided to give this guy one as well. I quickly ebayed a landraider lascannon and awaited its arrival… Only to realise too late my mistake. The photo i saw of two barrels was in fact two halves of a single cannon. I just hadn’t read the description properly. I didn’t want to waste more money and refused to be defeated. I cut the barrels away from then guns housing. Leaving me with a long barrel and some power cables. I cut the tip off the barrel, then cut the barrel in half and turned around the half i cut off. I attached these to where i removed the melta heads and used some chaos lascannon and heavy bolter accessories to cap the two barrels. I carefully filed away at the upper cap, so the two would sit against each other neatly. It wasn’t a bother connecting the cables to the arm, but in an effort to again make this Brute different from others i decided to add more cables to his new gun using a variety of guitar wires and greenstuff “tentacles” (using a tentacle maker). On his other arm I also added a couple of small cables and after noticing i could take a heavy flamer, opened the hand mouth up a bit and popped the flamer heads in there.



Then I was just the odd detail here and there. I liked that the daemon shoulder pad had some cables in the surface already, and a convenient place to insert another. I ran a long guitar wire cable out of there and across the back. I didn’t like where the chain was, so cut it off and moved it to a relatively blank area. I also wasn’t keen on the weird horns coming out of his side mouth, so i cut those out. Finally after painting it , I varnished the tongue a few times, then added glue gun drool to the tongue and side mouth.


That’s it, i hope you like it, i’m real happy with it. Its worth mentioning at this point that when i got this ebay bundle, dark vengeance was still the only way to get the helbrute. Before I finished the conversion the new Helbrute kit came out with optional faces, load outs and different pose. I’ve considered getting one of these in the future but I still like my unique one.



Please comment if you like this or any of the other projects. Let us know if you found it inspiring or have some cool ideas of your own that could help us in future. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. This guy is nuts. Your really fulfilling the challenge of conveying the flesh change. Really like the eyes in the tongue, that is such a distrubing image. Once again you’ve gone to massive effort on the smal details, like the claw feet etc. It really shows. Well done!


    1. Yeah im pretty pleased with this guy. I might get a boxed helbrute too and do something elaborate wth that too.


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