Building a Better Bray’arth

I decided I it was time to to resurrect my Salamander Space Marine force as they hadn’t seen the light of day for a while and needed an new Leader…

Salamanders have always been one of my favourite chapters and in my opinion one of the best in 40k, fearsome warriors that have a sense of kinship with humans in the 40k universe.

I wanted to add something to the force to add some variety. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of dreadnoughts in 40k but not their function in the game they never seemed to function like I would expect.

So with the change in 8th edition and how dreadnoughts work I decided to add one. I did my research and I settled on Bray’arth Ashmantle, the walking behemoth to join my 2nd company badab era salamanders.

I started with a mk iv venerable dreadnought kit and promptly kit bashed a banner and scratch built a firestorm cannon.

It didn’t strike me with the presence that I wanted for my HQ in the way I wanted and they just didn’t match what I thought Bray’arth should be. I thought surely he would be BIG and more in line with the heresy dreadnought’s and I looked to the largest dreadnought out there, the leviathan.

I brought the set and the started to customise him with green stuff to make it more a salamander model.

I added a new salamander chapter logo, which I used a blustuff press mould from the GW Vulkan model. I’ve added some purity seals, a coat d’arms on his leg from a grey knight box. I also took the time to magnetise one of the arms to give me options in the future.

I built the custom base and posed the model in a just advanced and surveying stance which I think came out pretty well.

I took to painting the model, started with spraying of Caliban green and working my way up to warpstone glow. It took far too many layers to get where I wanted. I’ve not fully finished but it’s at a good standard for me.


This has made me feel the need of a airbrush and I think that’s going to be one of my next purchases. I’ve got some more centurions and aggressors to add to my force.

I freehanded the name and the flames.

Here is the magnetised arm which means I can run a leviathan dreadnought when the need takes me.