I have been trying to add to my Salamander Force as you will have seen with the Building a better Bray’arth Ashmantle if you’d like to see him then click here!

Vulkan is a great model and this is the GW model, I mean he’s great right? He just doesn’t have the pose or the standing I think if befitting in this edition. This was a fantastic model when it came out but its very much dated currently.

Vulkan He’stan (Games Workshop)

This is the Artwork I really enjoyed in the older Codex showing us what a badass Vulkan looks like, So I decided I would use these images would server as the main inspiration for my model.

I started collecting my bits and man I used some bits to get it right.

I used the following bits to the best of my memory

Head – GW’s Vulkan He’stan
Legs – Devastator squad,
Torso – Just a standard torso
Right Arm – Banner arm from Command Squad
Left Arm – GW’s Vulkan He’stan

As always with this type of conversion its a pain getting the pose and you’ll see I’ve adjusted it ever so slightly throughout, I used the grey knight spear to give me a feel for sizing.

I built the spear by using the original model and cutting it to get the post I wanted as you can see I’ve managed to get it to the same size overall as the grey knight one which I’m chuffed with.


This is the press mould I made of the cloak and all the other major details which I then managed to recreate with green stuff. Also Vulkan now standing on the 32mm base as you’ll see I’ve added plasticard onto the bottom to the feet and rock. If I’m working with the smaller models and trying to get them to stand taller I cheat and and this to the feet.

This is also a great tip (in my opinion) for getting feed out of the ground when you do your bases afterwards so your models look like they’re walking on top of the basing material rather than in it!

With everything curing I put Vulkan together and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with the overall result, he stands as close to the Gravis Armour Primaris Marines that come in the starter box set. I’m looking forward to getting painting and seeing what I can do. I’m hoping to get a airbrush in my new hobby garage (I’m in the process of moving and renovating a house!) and see if I can get some really nice transitions on the paint.


Really enjoyed building Vulkan I decided to quickly put some bits together and build him an honour guard, this also gives a good comparison on the size he stands at.

They’re armed with power axes and one has a master crafted bolter and the second is carrying a gladius that was given to him on campaign by an Ultramarine Sergeant.


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  1. I like this guy, partially because i really appreciate a good sourcing of parts, something i dont do enough of. Im reall looking forward to seeing it all tied together with the paint job. Alsoz very cool use of the pressmould for the cloak. I have press mould i havent used, i think its been in an unopened packet for years! This makes me want to try it out. Great work.


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