Warbringer’s Deffskull Mek Boss Buzzgob/Grimgob

On a recent twitter meet-up at Warhammer World, I treated myself to an Ork model that I’ve always loved – Buzzgob. Looking at the artwork I knew I needed him for my Deffskull army so I brought him from forgeworld and looked forward to painting him.

I then found out that he was not a Deffskull! Apparently he is a Goff, well that doesn’t seem right to me his art has a blue hint to it and he’s a mekboss the biggest of big meks which seems pretty very Deffskully to me, I confered with @krakendoomcool who agreed Buzzgob is actually a Deffskull.

I was no longer deterred and decided I’d loot the model, rename him and paint him as a Deffskull anyway. I changed my paint method on this model and decided to paint the face (or start it at least) first as I wanted the rest of the model to flow from this focal point.

I then blocked out the rest of the main colours using contrast paint and start d working up some of the highlights and glued it all together to allow me to finalise the model with it assembled. I like to paint in sub-assemblies and then as early as possible assemble and finish the model off. I find this allows any discrepancy that occurs from being painted separate can be pulled together with a few dedicated washes and highlights will bring the model together.

I wish I had taken more WIP shots but honestly he was so enjoyable to paint I didn’t stop to take a pictures and only stop at the end of my painting time. I was also desperate to use him in a game. Here he is below riding in his trukk before assaulting and almost wiping out a unit of 10 pox walkers on his own. They then turn and ran and Buzzgob got his head exploded with smite the next turn.

I painted war paint for the first time on this model and think it came out looking good. I also painted the lens and I’m not 100% happy with how they ended up but I’m not going back over them while I have other models to do. (Also others have said they like the lens, so it must be me that is over critical)

I managed to paint a really thin yellow line on the eyes of the model, which I’m really proud of because I don’t do these very often and it looks really cool its very subtle but the effect works well in my opinion.

I finish the base with some weathering pigment and used the same over his feet to draw everything together, I then matt varnished and added a wasteland tuft to finish.

Here are my nice pictures using the light box.

He needs a name now. I’m currently siting with Ork Mek Boss Grimgob. But open to suggestions let me have yours and any feedback you may wish to offer.