Basing Tutorial: Desert Bases

I was recently asked how I make my bases on twitter and although I thought it was simple and no one would be interested, it just shows I was wrong.

I have to admit that Pandora was right when he told me that even if its simple to us, that other people might want to see how we do things to help them out.

So here goes, this is a finished example of one of my desert bases, that I have been using across both my Black legion and Ork armies. I found that the colour will work with pretty much any army as it sits right in the middle as was shown on a WarhammerTV Youtube video. (Thank you Mr Duncan Rhodes)

I’m considering that all my armies will be based like this and i’m likely to be re-painting my gaming table to match these colours.

So I start with these bases by marking out where I want everything to be.

I add any other base details I want on like the little bit of imperial door ruin.

Next I add some very fine sand to the base where I have marked this out using superglue. I used to use PVA / Wood glue but I found this would come off in one so the sand would stay together but it wouldn’t stick to the base well enough.

In the remaining areas I then add Agrellan Earth and Badlands in areas as I’ve marked out but to test one I get them on I see how I feel during the process, I also where they join mixed the two into each other to try and get a natural feel to the transition.

Let it dry overnight and then you should be left with something pretty cool, I then prime them whole base and apply the first colour of Zhandri Dust with the airbrush also finally once dry wash all other.

Primed and Base-coated.

Finally I then apply dry brushes of Ubshanti Bone and Screaming Skull.The Final step is to add some weathering pigment and paint the rims black – I prefer black as I feel it frames the base.

Hope that was useful to someone, we aim to do more basing tutorials so please let us have your feedback.