“How about a really cool knight battle” says one of our hobby group – Those were the immortal words that started my journey of painting a stompa in two weeks. Be warned this is pic heavy.

I’ve been collecting and painting Orks since the tale of four warlords from last year. I have loved painting the vehicles and getting my speed waaagh completed. and pushing the weathering and using contrast and as many cheat methods of painting that is possible.

I thought it might be interesting for me to write up how I painted my stompa in two weeks and the steps I’ve taken. That will be after these pictures of the finished model.

MekBoss Grimgob’s Stompa


Failing to plan is planning to fail

I knew this was going to be an interesting model to paint. I planned to use the same method as my buggies which was spray black, silver and blue and then mask off sections that are to be white with masking tape and in the patterns I felt orky enough.


Once I completed the base coat i used masking tape and cling film to mask of the section I wanted to be blue. I did this to stop any silver getting onto the sections as I like to varying the opacity of the blue I put on top to help with shadows.

Getting the blue and different shades down all using the same blue colour is a lot of fun and makes the whole thing less daunting.

Masking was done in a negative fashion leaving the areas exposed i wanted to be white. I’ve done both this and sprayed white then covered the bits I wanted to remain white. I prefer this method as it bleeds over (the opposite to what you would normally want) and this looks more slap dash perfect for the Ork vehicle.

Finally removed the mask I washed the metals with a contrast paint bascilicanum grey and made up my own rust wash to cover all the metal parts to shade and also leave rusty residue. This looks great in my opinion.

I did a heat effect on the barrels using contrast paints through the air brush and got contrast paint on all the missiles etc to add some colour.

The Stompa was used in two games, terrible against the tyranids but really good against the nights.

Here is a gallery of all our gaming picutres.

Tyranids Tuesday Feast

Tuesday Knight Fight


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