I thought this would be a good time to make a post about my Orks. I’ve now reached a milestone with them during the Tale of Warlords we’ve been running on the Blog and also on Discord. The milestone is 1000 points of painted built and Painted Orks in just over 3 1/2 months.

It all started following a Trip to the Dr’s (No fungal jokes please) and I had a diagnosis for the pain in my arm and hands (Carpel Tunnel). I was also starting to feel quite down with the 500 points of Black Legion i had painted, I had really enjoyed the chaos force and it wet my whistle for Chaos and I have more planned.

However they were very hard to paint without causing me pain and discomfort so I needed a change and break from Painting them to see if I could paint something else.

Following a Trip to my Local GW I brought the Deff Killa Wartrike and Painted him at the end of my first 500 points of Black Legion.

What a Blast he was to paint and there was no pressure and it didn’t hurt as much.

Speaking with my fellow bloggers we got to the point where it was sensible for me change my army and move to Orks I ordered my force and got Building and Painting, moving to Orks as my Tale of Four Warlords force.

So here is a wall of pictures of all my Orks so far this is 1000 points.



Fast Attack

Dedicated Transport

So there you have it, 1000 points of Orks painted to a reasonable standard in 3 1/2 months.

I’m really quite proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in a short space of time and these have been really fun to build, paint and play with.

Happy to hear what you all think of them too!


    1. Thanks Buzzgob was very near my good standard for sure the others I think I just cheated. There is no highlighting on the models. Lots of contrast paint. But thank you I think the look good together.


  1. Can I ask what paints you used for those blues, they’re so vibrant and deep.

    Or how you got that pale ork skin colour.


    1. I used any blue I had just picked at random by my 3 year old daughter.

      Basically pick light blue’s Andrew weather it down.

      Pale skin is Elysian green shaded with athonian camo highlighted with ogrn camo the Keith khaki

      White dwarf 484 has some paint info in for the vehicles.


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