Welcome to the first Tale of More Warlords Community Round-Up. It has been really a great month for hobby progress on the Discord channel and on Twitter here is everything submitted.

Month 2

These round ups are going to be different to last years “Tale of Four Warlords” where my fellow bloggers and I built 1000 point armies from scratch.

This is a community challenge that I set out to run for all those who didn’t manage to get involved last time. There are lots of people in and I’m going to post the table at the bottom of the page and then each person individual photos in between.

Rules remain the same as the last challenge (Tale of Four Warlords)

I’ve been really excited seeing everyone’s progress and the different armies taking shape.

Lets see how everyone got on!


Well, not such a strong month for me this time. The West Midlands has been hit pretty badly with floods and storms the last 3 weeks which has made getting to my FLGS a bit tricky.

My aim was to finish an Exorcist and 5 melta Dominions this month, but as you can see from the pics… only got to the base colouring stage. I’ll make up for it next month for sure. 🙂


Very slow progress in month 2. Fortunately for the low model count, this 250pts worth of models made it possible. Next month is a whopping 43 models so I’ve started praying to the hobby god’s to give me the will to get them done!


I only painted 12 models this month but had quite a few life events so hobby time was limited.

The Retributor Squad kit is very good but I’ve learnt a lesson not to assemble the Heavy bolters in sub assemblies. They’re quite hard to put back in the end!

Scapegoat Ste

This month didn’t quite go to plan as you’ll see from the pictures. I had intended to get 2 units of 3 Gluttons and a Tyrant done a total of nigh on 400pts to add to the 380pts from month 1.

Instead of got distracted with a Castellan and only just managed to bash out 2 Glutton units at 120pts each and a 10pt Endless spell.

So I’ve hit the 250pts but not based it. I want to go back and add additional details before next month as well so expect some updated photos! 😁

JB Paints

Didn’t get these finished this month, not enjoying the Stormcast as much as I have been and the distraction of tiny Titans hasn’t helped. Might change it up next month and switch to my Disciples of Tzeentch


February went a little better than January but sadly no significant enough progress to get models to the local shop or club to fight of with.

In my defense all models are based and primed (ok you’ll have to trust me on this one as it’s not all on the picture). Some have even some colours blocked!

All in all I’m not considering this month as a loss nor a win for me.
I’ll still push for next month with adding few model but cools ones as well as aiming to get some models on a table for a game.


This month the Space Wolves have added a Reiver squad armed with Bolt Carbines and the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar mounted on Stormrider which is pulled by two Thunderwolves. Everything was fairly easy to assemble and paint although I did drag the Reivers out a bit because I really didn’t want to pinwash and edge highlight them all.

Donny Mutant Rich

Just managed to finish these on time as I went away on holiday. The redemptor took longer than I wanted as well but very happy with both models


It took me all of January and February, but I have managed to complete a unit of four fulminators.

At 480 points I’m only barely shy of my 500-pt target for month two. The warlords challenge has been great motivation, and there’s no way they’d be painted – and based! – without this as a spur.

Good luck to all other participants!

Warbringer’s Round Up

A really good month and its great to see people come back with month 2, which I can tell you is the hardest month to do.

There has been some really solid work and I would like to highlight both

Donny Rich Mutant – His crimson fists have been brilliant to see coming along the quality of his painting is first class and the consistency to paint all those edge highlights umpf! and

Alicia – I hope Alicia can keep up the good work she has managed to put out so far. The wolves are looking really good and father christmas, papa wolf Logan Grimnar and his sled look ready to hand out gifts to his foes. The fur on the wolves look brilliant and although the photo angles are not showing off the work as good as it could the painting its still done to a brilliant standard.

Points Table

Rich Donny Mutant8715
Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)7714
Monthly ChallengesPoints
Playing a Game (Maximum of 2)1
Winning a Game (Maximum of 1)2
Increasing your army by adding more models/units (New Models Maximum of 4)1
Having a fully painted Leader (Maximum of 1)1
Having 1 fully painted troop squad (Maximum of 2)1
Having a fully painted force each month2
Basing all of your models (Pandora)1


      1. Awesome will be good to see your work catching up. Your wolves were great and the Ragnar was perfect


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