Pacily Painting Pask

Due to time limitations and real life catching up with me, I needed to paint Pask really quickly for our Tale of Four Warlords… I ended up painting the whole thing in a day, so here is the process and hopefully a few tips for painting vehicles quickly.

Firstly, I had the whole model prepped before hand. I’d 3D printed some additional parts for the tank, and made some barbed wire from jewellers wire. Pask himself was converted from the standard Commissar model and popped on top of the tank.

I started off by priming the model black and then stippling on some orange to act as the base layer.

Once this was dry (waiting for stuff to dry was actually the longest part of this whole process….) – I first did a quick matt varnish, and then covered the model with Vallejo Chipping Medium through the airbrush. There are other techniques for chipping, such as using hairspray, but I’ve found this method to be the most reliable.

Getting a base grey down over the chipping medium and then using various tools to chip away the grey revealing the base coat of black and orange below.

This gave me a decent mottled effect, so hit the model with more matt varnish and then a rough oil wash.


This was the majority of the work on the armour plates done.

Next up was the plasma. Quick work was made of this using white ink and Vallejo’s Transparent Blue through the airbrush.

The white ink is very highly pigmented so allows you to cover a wide array of sins through a few (very thin) layers.

Next up it was just a case of dropping in a few details, and then my favourite part…

Pigment Powders.

There’s nothing that pigment powders cannot solve…. Especially when it comes to speed. I made heavy use of the rust colour which matches the bases of the rest of my Imperium force.


Pask was quick enough to drop some colour on after this, and the model was done.

If I had to do it again, I would have made the following changes:

  • Fewer details, no dozer blade or track guards.. The fewer things there are to paint the quicker it’ll be
  • Dry brush the armour plates. This would have picked a few more of the details out for basically no time at all

Overall for a days work (included all the drying time) I am pleased with the outcome.

Do you have any tips for knocking out vehicles quickly?