It’s been almost two weeks since my last update and I’ve not done as much as I would have liked but we have been trying to sleep train the daughter. The sleep training has finally started to pay off and I’m managing to get some of my evenings back.

I did purchase Shadowspear to go halves with my fellow blogger Pandora’s bits box. It’s a great boxset and some of the miniatures inside are just beautifully detailed.

In that time I’ve been working on my kill team and mainly a test model for my primaris force. As much as I love the salamanders I wanted a change to the status quo and decided the primaris would be a different chapter.

I spent some time on this and I thought it would be cool to get the army on the table quickly looking good and allowing me to spend time on the parts that are really important.

Silver Skulls Test Model

Overall I’m really happy with how this came out. Need to work on the highlights on some of the detail, I think I might go with a odd white for the chest eagle.

I also still need to paint the should pars and knee pads but as a test I’m pretty happy for the scheme.

I’m aiming to build all of the primaris marines from Shadowspear and working towards getting these painted up.

Kill Team Leader

As only befits a squad leader I’ve spend my time working up the details on him first. there are a few bits left to finish like the final yellow highlights and the freehand work but I’ll do these at the end.

Everyone else in the squad is pretty much yellow with the start of their base coats down. So all the metal is done and ready to wash and all the faces now just need to keep doing all the black lining.

Veteran Sergeant Mirhen – 5th Company – Kill Team Leader

Veteran Sergeant Mirhen is a noble warrior and will take any risk and pay any price to preserve the lines of his battle brothers, in return he expects utter compliance from those under his command.

Plan is to finish the kill team to a similar standard to Sgt. Mirhen above and get the Shadowspear boxset built.


    1. Thanks! I would like to but honestly I’ve been doing 30-60 mins a night and I’ve finished 1. Close to finishing the others. But I’m going for silver skulls on the army


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