So following some recent games of kill team I’ve decided that I need to build myself a new squad.

I decided that the Primaris Marines are going to be the main focus of my kill team and that I’m going to pick a different space marine force to paint to get me even more variation. I had been toying with the choice and it’s been really hard.

Following some research and reading I’ve decided that a mix between Intercessors and Reivers is the way to go. I decided to build a squad of both and then that can be the roster (I believe that’s what it called.)

I’ve got a 6 man squad planned which I’m going to paint first and then do the rest after to build two 5-man squads.

So here is the two squads shot and then one each of the members and a little bit of info about each.

Kill Team Slaughter


Veteran Sergeant Mirhen – 5th Company – Kill Team Leader

Veteran Sergeant Mirhen is a noble warrior and will take any risk and pay any price to preserve the lines of his battle brothers, in return he expects utter compliance from those under his command.


Brother Jago- Gunner and Demolition Specialist

Dour: Nothing surprises or shocks brother Jago, but neither does anything give him joy. He does his duty and knows that only in death does duty end.

Brother Toravan – Sniper speacialist.

With his trusty stalker pattern bolter, Veteran Brother Toravan is as a Castellan and excels on the defensive, digging in and massacring all foes who approach.

Brother Harlan – Communication Specialist

Brother Harlan is a charismatic figure of forage and inspiration to his battle brothers. He reviews the battlefield with auspex and relays vital information to the battle-brothers.


Brother Sergeant Variel

As many Reivers, Sergeant Variel is a sober character, ever grim as he fights he chants morbid litanies to his battle-brothers; a terrifying presence to enemy and brother alike.

Brother Maximus

Brother Maximus is an aggressive example of his Reiver brothers. He is always on the attack, ever pressing forward. Using his grapnel launcher to propel him closer to the emperor’s enemies.

These are such great kits and making something for kill team was super fun to do! I really feel I’ve managed to capture some personality in each of the models with the posing and i’m really looking forward to painting these.

Adeptus Mechanicus Upadte 1

I’ve been working hard on the AdMech and managed to get everything I own for them built and undercoated and I’ve included a picture here.

Next step for me is to finalise the scheme and I’ve come really close on that now and believe i know what is going to be what. The scheme will be hopefully a simple mix of the following

Clean Silver Metal

Base: VMC Gunmetal silver
Wash: Nuln Oil
Highlight: VMC chainmain

Metal Armour – Bronze

Base: VMC Brassey Brass
Wash: Nuln Oil
Highlight: VMC chainmain

Main Forgeworld Colour – Kastelan Robot Colours and Robes

Base: Kabalite Green
Wash: Biel Tan / Coliea Green
Layer: Syrabite Green
Highlight: Gauss Flayer Green

Tyranid Update

I’ve not got as much done with the Tyranids as i would have liked due to life.

That’s all for now! See you on the next update.

I’m trying to get the kill team painted for the next game we’ve got planned in 2 weeks.



  1. These are cool, I like that that have character as they should. I’ll try to do some like this myself at some point. I’ve only played with my Thousand sons which along with Necrons probably have the least individuality… Especially my order models 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean it’s actually got me interested in the primaris models which although I’ve had for a while never been inspired with them. I’ve just decided they’re artscale space marines.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pete. Me too I’m really looking forward to a game. I’m feeling slightly trepidatious about refacing the thousand sons but will enjoy the game regardless


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