It’s been a while for a post. And I’ve been very busy in life and hobby and I’ve even managed to get some stuff recorded. This will be counting towards Azazel’s April challenge as I’ve completed my Nightvault Warband.

Games Played

I managed to get the kill team to a tabletop standard and played a game against Krakendoom’s Orks. Don’t ask him how it went. The ‘Umies did the krumpin’. I hope to finish them over the coming weeks and i’ll post them when I do.

Was a great fun game of kill team and it really looked like an even match until a couple of moves that the space marines made confused the orks and they crumbled shortly after.

Silver Skulls Primaris Update.

I have been working hard to get them all built and with the exception of a redemptor and a captain in primaris armour they are now all built.

I built all of the Shadowspear primaris force and some of dark imperium

I decided to get hold of the sector imperialis bases and I’m really impressed with them. They’re super cool and really detailed; i had been using the large basing kit. I will paint them separately and then move the models over after all painting is complete.

Hobby Updates

I have also made a start in some of the terrain I built at the beginning of the year only silver down at the moment but a start is a start.

Also have managed to get some green on the ruins and have to do some more to the other half and then i’ll wash and drybrush the highlights..

But this has all been my way of teasing and delaying the big reveal.


I have actually finished painting a model (actually 4) and they are for something not 40k. Shocking I know.

So here is the story, I decided that I would buy my kids Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault. As every time I’ve taken my eldest daughter with me to the local GW store she keeps looking at the AoS stuff and tell me how cool the models are and subsequently that she wanted some of them and I’ve been a pretty mean Dad and said “no we won’t play it, you must get 40k as that’s what I play”. – What a jerk right?

Anyway fast forward a week and a I had an epiphany and decided that I was being selfish. If she likes AoS models then I should be proud/happy that she has an interest in warhammer at all and embrace it. My daughter has played kill team with my help and she really enjoyed that, we was tyranids and played the assasination mission against her brothers space marines. Even with the gaming not being frequent she is by and far more interested in building and painting the models than the game itself. So I asked myself why shouldn’t she have age of sigmar models and enjoy building and painting them. Shouldn’t I be encouraging this? (I should; that’s more a rhetorical question) They are after all great looking models.

With this decided I took myself to the local Games Workshop to buy myself some paints and get a copy of Nightvault for my Kids to share and mainly for my daughter to have some of the models she liked and also got myself Mollog’s Mob to play against my kids.

I’ve built all the models now as you can see here.

Mollog’s Mob

So here they are Mollog’s Mob.

I really cannot say enough how happy I am with how they turned out. I wanted a slightly darker and a more blue/green skin colour but with much more vibrant contrasts with the highlighting to try and get that cave depth dweller feel.

Day 1

Building and Painting these was a blast, I built them and then sprayed them with Vallejo surface primer grey which is basically white this took me about 2 hours and I’ve been trying to dedicate an hour a night to Hobby to allow me to progress element

Day 2

I  worked in small batches of about an hour at a time for about a week to build this up. I put down the base colours with the airbrush for Mollog and the bat squid and brush paintedthe two other squids and all the base/rocky colours.

Day 3

I managed to spill my Agrax Earthshade pot, which was very annoying but I still had enough to use and managed to get shading and some highlights on the Mob using the spilled shade.

Day 4

It’s funny how painting goes by the end of day 3 it felt like I had achieved very little whereas by the end of day 4 I felt great! Most of the the colour were blocked in and the model was starting to pop. I went for a really bright green for the frog and decided on eyes not looking the same way to give the comic squeezed feel of bulging squinty eyes.

Day 5

Really starting to get close managed to wash and highlight most of the model, including using kabalite green as a glaze across certain areas and got the toad looking great in my humble opinion.

Day 6

I spent twice as much time on day 6 doing about 2 hours of further highlighting and glazing some of the areas back down. I based the models and add some nurgles rot to the big man’s base to give a cave feel to the water..

Overall I’m really happy with how the models turned out and I’m planning my first game of Nightvault very soon.

Let me know what you think of the model or my ramblings.

Ciao – W


  1. I love these minis you did man, they look friggin ace and I’m that much closer to getting some AoS models myself. Really nicely done with these. 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Krakendoom you’re right it is always the Agrax earthshade! Literally laughed out loud about the orks doing almost nothing to me. They killed a single brother. Cheers!


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