My first painted Genestealer Cult unit! These are from the Tooth and Claw Box and I don’t know why I chose them over the other units to paint first. I’m expecting to get a lot more painted before I have a chance to field any anyway so it doesn’t make a huge difference really. I really like the designs though (as I do with most of the GSC range) and I’m quite pleased to finally get this army started knowing how much more grey plastic there is to go before I have painted the rest of what I own.

When I based these guys I tried something new, and that’s the cracking mud technical paint that Games Workshop does. I wanted to have a similar barren landscape look that my Tyranids have (as both Armies will share my Genestealers) but for the bases to still be different. So I used the cracking mud paint, but painted them them same colour.



For weapon choice I gave as many Power Picks as the kit would allow because they are decent attacks anyway even if they aren’t the huge hammers and you get a load of attacks. Again its not all that relevant because I was just going to make up another unit with as many big hammers as I could… and generally it probably isn’t a great idea to build units for their rules anyway (Unless you are playing competitively) because what is good in this edition might not be in the next.  They are really nice kits and the bits I don’t use could be great for conversions in the future with quite a lot of potential mutated hybrids.

For the Hypermorph (unit leader) I decided to go with the cool signpost improvised weapon. I love a good improvised weapon so I had to go with this one, even if it does add more attacks, I absolutely picked this for the aesthetic. I also added some blood effects to the ends of the weapon too, not straight away mind you. At first it was painted without them and I wasn’t satisfied with the brutality of the weapon. As its not a power weapon its not obviously super destructive as all the things in the 40k universe are, so I wanted there to be some sort of visual significance to the danger of what amounts to a heavy but inert club. Fortunately, I figured that while the disruption fields probably vaporise liquids like blood… this big stick wouldn’t.


I like to imagine that is a result of a similar scene from the film Sin City, where there is a Bruce Willis punches someone so much, that he basically just end up punching a wet floor… But where this is a concrete lump wetly smacking some pulverised space marine power armour.

They aren’t perfect, I think I definitely need some of those head magnifiers and some decent brushes… as well as figuring out how the physics of my paint works because doing some of the details like their head ridges was frustrating.  Also if you liked these you should definitely check out Matt’s over at Sprues and Brews and Gentleb3n’s over at Too Mini, they are both producing really great armies and are a source of inspiration… I have a lot of catching up to do.

Anyway, let me know what you think, I’m going to submit this for Azazel’s Neglected Model February as I haven’t touched any of my Genestealer Cults since I bought Deathwatch Overkill off my friend. Also, project 4 for Jewel Knight Jess’s #Painthammer2019


~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


    1. It was Intresting to paint them as I obviously try to do human skin quite smooth but I drybrush my Tyranids skin so it looks kind of leathery…so trying to blend the texture transition as well as the colour was something I hadn’t considered before hand

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    1. Thanks man, it was something I hadn’t considered in advance and just had to wing it when I got to it, I didn’t think about the fact there were two different techniques to do.

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    1. Thanks, im glad you like really happy with how they turned out but now I’m worried about maintaining the standard for my other GSC units!


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