Better later than never, I started my Aberrants much earlier this year and until the Tale of 4 Warlords I have been dragging my heels with the rest. So now its crunch time, I managed to get it finished.

The Contrast Paints I used on this were:

Exoskeleton: Talassar Blue
Loincloth: Blood Angels Red
Apron: Nazdreg Yellow
Pale Skin: Guilliman Flesh

This is an example of all 4 contrast colours on an Aberrant I was painting at the same time.

I was pretty happy with this start, although I knew that to get it to a standard I was happy with it would need highlighting. One quirky difference between doing it this way and the previous non contrast method was because I was painting over the cooler Gray Seer Undercoat, rather than the usual skin tone I used, The skin came out kind of looking albino… which I actually kind of liked.

So after dry brushing, edge highlighting and layering colours, this is what it came out like…

So finally my Aberrants have a leader, although from what I have read the model is overcosted in points for what it does… never mind, I think it looks cool and I’ve never been on to worry about the meta!

I would love to know what you think of him, oh and be sure to check out Azazel’s Bits Box’s Jewel of July 2019 post (which I will be offering up this chappy for) and also what people have been churning out for Jewel Knight Jess’s #Painthammer2019!

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~

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