…I’m here, I’m here! I know Azazel is behind on his community Round up, so I went ahead and started my neglected models over a week after the deadline… And I have been checking WordPress like every 12 hours to see if the round up has gone up yet.

I’ve finished my models though! Well… Finished enough, probably more than a lot of my other Tyranids. I’ll take proper photos when I have time, but for now I thought I better get my post up just in case Azazel still hasn’t quite finished his Neglected Model September Round Up.

No conversions, no frills…


Finally some hi-res photos to see every mistake in intricate detail.

Ta daa. My Hive Guard, as yet unused. I’ll try to change that this coming Christmas.

Well done everyone who finished on time, and Thanks again to Azazel for running these challenges and putting the work in for us.

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


    1. Doh! Good call! Well I did sat late 😂

      I don’t mind the hive guard, I will
      Quite like the differently designed arms. I don’t like a few things about the Tervigon/Tyranofex though so I’m working on a conversion for a Tyrranofex that which is possibly even more questionable… Cheers for the feedback, it’s nice to know when people actually like this colour scheme!

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      1. There we are, fixed the date on the title… But my shame will always be visible in the address bar…


      2. My issue with the Tyranofex is the way it is toting the huge cannon… If think maybe if I hadn’t seen the previous art, maybe I wouldn’t have cared. All the big gun platforms have their weapons carapace mounted, which I prefer. I started doing a conversion with the gun in the mouth like the original artwork but thinking about it not I might pop it in the carapace.

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  1. The orange looks amazing! The graduation of colours to the light side looks so natural and it strikes me as being nicely lustrous. The blue shell (?) on the chest and the orange of the carapace really complement each other

    I love the little eyes on the bio weapons, it really adds to the spooky bug look

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    1. Thank you very much! My colour scheme started based on how I remembered genestealers looking from my childhood. Blue carapace and purple bodies. Then I wanted a contrasting colour for the shells when I did a Carnifex’s and just tried that. It’s pretty intense like my Hive fleet consumed the 80’s and adapted to it. I like to think of it as a sort of poisonous tree frog colour scheme. It’s not changed much since my first ones but I might do a sort of tutorial/walk through of my Tyranids Colour scheme and actually try to nail down the detail areas I’ve never settled on.

      This is my Hive fleet Pandora 😁

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      1. The 80’s would make for some very tasty biomass

        The “stay away I’m dangerous” poisonous animal colour pattern adds to the already terrifying visage 😊

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