Super Late Neglected Model September ’18

…I’m here, I’m here! I know Azazel is behind on his community Round up, so I went ahead and started my neglected models over a week after the deadline… And I have been checking WordPress like every 12 hours to see if the round up has gone up yet.

I’ve finished my models though! Well… Finished enough, probably more than a lot of my other Tyranids. I’ll take proper photos when I have time, but for now I thought I better get my post up just in case Azazel still hasn’t quite finished his Neglected Model September Round Up.

No conversions, no frills…


Finally some hi-res photos to see every mistake in intricate detail.

Ta daa. My Hive Guard, as yet unused. I’ll try to change that this coming Christmas.

Well done everyone who finished on time, and Thanks again to Azazel for running these challenges and putting the work in for us.

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~