So I’m back posting it’s been a while and although I’ve been around I’ve not actually done a lot of hobby or posting. With 2 kids, baby on the way, new job, new house and refurbished it before moving it. It’s fair to say I’ve been somewhat busy and haven’t done a lot of hobby and the weather at the moment isn’t helping a lot that’s for sure.

So I thought I’d show a work in progress

These are my Primaris Aggressors. Now I’m not 100% on the primaris marine thing. Some of the models are really cool I’ll confess however I still really like the normal space marines. These guys are very cool though and from reading the rules it fair to say:

They’re really tough. They all have 2 wounds and T5 and a 3+ save.

They shift! – they can move and shoot without penalty and if they don’t move they shoot twice.

This makes them a great unit in my book and armed with flamestorm gauntlets they’re so suitable for the salamanders its crazy, I even love the look of the mask they wear.

These are also going to be one of the first units I try airbrushing more of the airbrushing in a separate post.

Hope to have more for you soon! Warbringer


  1. These guys look great, i cant wait to see how they look painted up. Now that im starting a Deathwatch army these are also an option for me to but with all my other unfinished projects theres no rush! Good to see you baxk in the hobby chair 🤗


    1. I’m glad to be back. I’ve got kill team Cassius built and primed that I’m not going to get round to. If your interested their yours.


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