Bluetoof’s intergalactic planetary Deathskull invasion party

It’s about time I put some of my Deathskull Orks up on the blog. As well as Space Wolves and Nurgle I have Deathskulls. Here are some of the bosses…

Kaptin Bluetoof (& Ogrex) by Krakendoomcool

First up is Kaptin Bluetoof. So adept at lootin’ is Kaptin Bluetoof he even looted his own name from another Deathskull Warboss who appears in Imperial Armour 8.

His shoulder Pad is a looted bad moons shoulder pad. His camo trousers (lucky blue naturally) are looted from a blood axe kommando. More sneakier than the sneaky gits themselves. Like the second edition Deathskulls he has a skull on his head. I went for a suitably sized and impressive Genestealer Skull (from chaos terminator trophy racks). He even has lucky blue painted teeth as is his namesake. Not to mention a lucky blue squig. This particular squig was in my WFB orcs and goblins army then in my Cawdor Necromunda gang!

Waaagh banner by Krakendoomcool

This nob, the Waaagh! banner bearer. He is my most recently completed Ork (I did him during a brief break between Wolf Lords). The skull helmet piece is from a WFB orc shaman. I was saving it for something special. The scrap base was me trying to give him some presence (he just wasn’t the same without it). I also thought the scrap heap and lootas go hand in hand and wondered if I could go full on scrap heap mode. The white flames on Tourquise on the metal plate on the base is a pattern I’ve returned to a lot since discovering it.

Big Mek with KFF by Krakendoomcool

This big Mek with a Kustom force field was me trying to make a big Mek who looks like he might be fixing something and getting rudely interrupted. Don’t disturb him!

Big Mek with SAG by Krakendoomcool

This Big Mek with Shokk Attack gun was my long serving boss before 7th came along and made you take a Warboss. I loved the snot getting hoovered up. I was experimenting with the blue face paint when I painted this guy. I went for blue checks which make him look insane. Then again he is an Ork deliberately firing a teleportation gun he made himself so insane is about right. Had a lot of fun with this guy back when the 2d6 table of random events was in use.

These are some of my Orks. Hope you like ‘em. Thanks for reading.