The fantastic Looted Carnifex Pandorasbitzbox made me is finally painted. This was another long neglected project finished off over lockdown. After he gave me the secret gift it only took me 7 years to get it painted!

Pandorasbitzbox put a lot of effort into making this thing. His blog post on how he made it can be found here:

I really wanted to do it justice. I’d started painting it years ago and stopped. The main challenges were deciding where to put the patterns and different colours.

Since my first attempts at painting this I had incorporated a lot more Turquoise into my Deathskulls. So that was the main changes I made. Super happy to have this one painted. Blog post is short and sweet, most of the info for this one will be in the building. Didn’t seem right to have him languishing half painted in a drawer. Orks and Carnifexes just want to have fun after all.


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