Unusually for me I’ve been painting some third party models. The Blood Bowl obsession is still in full flow. After finishing the Nurgle team I’ve treated myself to a Chaos Dwarf team. I’d been eyeing these up for a few years now. The official team from the 90s is hard to come by now. You can get it on eBay but it’s a lot and then you need Bull Centaurs and a Minotaur too.

See the source image

I also considered a kitbash but parts aren’t easy to come by for Chaos Dwarves either. These models are full of character so I think I made the right decision to bite the bullet and get them. Here they are as advertised on Comixininos.

They arrived as mainly metal models with the Bull Centaurs and Minotaur as resin.


The Chaos Dwarves are nice and squat and full of character. The hobgoblins are tall which differentiates them from the Dwarves and from other goblins. The Minotaur is huge and very much a Chaos Dwarf Minotaur or Lamassu Minotaur as it’s advertised. The bull centaurs aren’t huge, and certainly are much smaller than the current forgeworld ones that are more like Ogre Centaurs. A couple of times I’ve wondered if they are small but they are to scale with the Dwarves. As in the dwarf part is the exact same size as a dwarf and the rest is then to scale with that.

I’m really pleased with this team as it is and I think there is a lot of great Blood Bowl poses going on. So I wasn’t going to do any converting and could get right on to painting them.

I toyed with the green scheme on the website as I really fell for the team on there. But I went classic Red and tried to do a real Blood Bowl style.


I took some cues from the loading screen on the video game. I particularly liked the white stripes on the armour and trousers. Anyone else ever noticed the eye ball on this guys hat spike before?


I tried giving him a real pro Blood Bowl player look by making the paint on the armour look chipped and damaged.



There’s some more damage on this guy. It’s for me an uncomfortable amount of damage on their armour considering they are all bare chested. But they are covered in scars and hard as nails so it fits.

Here’s the 6 of them together…


Then some more pics!









I put a gloss on the armour sections and actually in hindsight it is distracting from the chipping and details I had put there. So I’ll be Matt varnishing these guys (from pot, too scared to spray). As they are metal and play Blood Bowl they are bound to chip in real life which would also distract from the effort I’ve put in.

Hope you guys like them,




P.S. The team are called ‘The Bullshitters’




  1. 😂 I keep forgetting the team name, it’s awesome.

    Awesome and appropriately befitting the effort you put in… Which is also awesome, not bullshit. 😂

    A really nice paint job and a great choice of models. Cool how they all have different poses. I love that the centaurs are dumpy, makes sense if they aren’t as strong as the Minotaur… Also I love how it’s like they are Dwarf/pony centaurs 😆

    Looking forward to seeing the rest. You working on the Hobgoblins next?

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    1. The team name is a bit much…which makes it about right for Chaos Dwarves.

      Shetland Pony Centaurs. They are cool models I’m really pleased with them.

      I definitely would have done the hobgoblins next but I’ve now vowed for the ETL and have this escalation Tale of Warlords so these will go on the back burner for a bit.

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      1. Yeah my 2 bloodbowl teams, undead and squig have taken a backseat with the Tale of Warlords and mini swap, but I’m hoping I will make enough progress with those to slowly keep the teams moving along


  2. Very nice work. I think my favourite aspect is the wear and chipping on the armour. I do agree that matte is the way to go for them as well. As for the Bull Centaur’s size, he looks to be in line with the original ones from both WHFB and Blood Bowl. The newer ones from Forge World – beautiful as they are – are the size aberrations..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Azazel, i was trying something new (for me) with the chipping. I keep seeing other people doing things like this and wondering why I don’t just give it a go.

      I’ve come to peace with the centaurs size now, good dwarf centaur size I think.

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