The Rules

How do you get involved?
You make 12 pledges throughout the year on a monthly basis in the #monthly-pledges section throughout the year each month to finish something something this can be build and paint a model or just simply paint it! You then post up the starting picture in the #starting-picture sections Once done post up your work in the #finished-picture sections

The Rules.

  • Pledges are to to be added to the month hobby post in the comment section
  • A before photo added to our discord channel for 12 month hobby challenge.
  • The model only needs to require finishing to be counted
  • A finished pic is then added to discord and upload via our google forms and this will be added to the monthly post.

I’ve thought about not having points but it makes things that little bit more motivating. You score points in the following ways

  • finish a model 15pts
  • build and paint an old model 25pts
  • build and paint a new model 15pts
  • build old models – 10pts
  • build new models – 5pts
  • buy new models – -15pts

Finally everyone has 2 life happens cards – these are card you can play during the month and you continue to amass points will just get a 0 for that month. This table as you can see means that if you finish a model and buy something new you will end the month with 0 points the aim of this challenge is the end the year with at least 0 points


Q – What counts as unfinished?
Is it unbuilt? Then it Counts, Is it painted and just needs basing. This also counts. Everything in between counts too.

Q – what is classed as models for scoring points? – So any legal unit is classed as a model for scoring points i.e 10 man plague bearer squad or 1 bloodthirster would all class as a model

Q – do I need to state all my projects for the year in Jan? – No you can make pledges, each month as it comes no need to plan your year!

Q – if I complete multiple pledges / models throughout the month do I score more points? – No you only score the points as shown for what you have pledged – if you had pledged for old models and then paint new models you score the maximum points

If you’re interested in the #12monthsofhobby then drop me a DM on twitter or send me a message on here and I’ll invite you to our Discord Group and you can join in there.

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