Honsou – Iron Warriors

I finally decided that I needed to finish my Chaos models from Shadowspear and other that I bought. Carpel tunnel is still giving me hell so it needed to be something simpler than the black legion.

I’ve also got a Primaris army or the good start of one sat on shelves that is going to get built and then will be painted into either Salamanders or a new Primaris only force.

I have Graham McNeill and Aaron Demski-Bowden to thank for turning me to embrace Chaos.

Graham is to blame for writing great books about Iron Warriors making them a believable force and the characters are just fabulous. ADB for making some of the imperial elements seem grim and just as horrible as the Chaos forces.

Honsou’s work in progress

I tried to boost him up to match a Primaris marine in size. Then I made a suitable cork base to get him up a bit higher also.

Honsou Finished.


Here is the finished model, really enjoyed building and painting this model, I Tried to keep the paint job simple. Its silver and contrast paint at its finest.

Honsou and Uriel Ventris

Honsou is not fully Primaris size but you can really see the size difference between the old space marines and the new ones.

Really made be realise that I won’t be adding Primaris to Salamanders and that means I won’t be adding much to them either. Need to start something new.

I have been toying with turning my shadow spear box into raptors but that is on the back burner for a new project.