So I posted this image last week that showed the Triumvirate of the blog authors. I have been making some stellar progress on my homage, been working on all three but wanted to get at least one of them finished for the Azazel’s Jewel of July.

I decided to finish my homage first naturally.

I have been trying to fit all the authors into my army.

This is Magni Warbringer (me).

I chose a techmarine as my type of space marine being an engineer and spending a lot of time learning all sort of maintenance of large equipment the techmarine was suitable for me.


I chose the iron preist model as he pose is cool and gives me a good start at converting and green stuff again as it’s been ages due to buying the house.

Here are some work in progress shots. I did get some help from Pandorasbitsbox for the green stuff on the dragonhead claw.

I green stuffed two head’s the beard nd the hair and liked this one for this model. I’m thinking of building a Primaris techmarine with the other head.

I then used the airbrush to build up the green which I’m starting to get a bit more accustomed with. I also used the airbrush to do the search light and the power axe glowing hot.

The tabbard I used a blu stuff mould from Vulkan to make the tabbard. I love blu stuff works so well, mix it up and then press it wait a minute and it’s cured enough to pull off. Leave it overnight and it’s then hard enough to cast with.

I also had a go at some freehand.

These are he final model done.

Where to start! I’ve been collecting, building, painting (sometimes) and playing 40k since the late 90s. My high school did 40k in 40 minutes and I promptly joined the schools 40k club and it's spiralled since then, I now have a varied range of models spanning Tyranids, Space Marines and some individuals from other armies like Orks even starting AoS Follow me on twitter @warbringer11


  1. Very nice. Nothing says Engineer quite like a glowing hammer and lots of tech doo-dads! 😀

    I haven’t tried Blu-stuff yet, but that’s tempting me for Azazel’s August Challenge. Is it similar to Oyumaru? Would you recommend it for two-sided objects?


    1. Two sided objects if you use the liquid and cast with it floating will with. I mainly use it for single sided objects. You can do two parts and join them.

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      1. Thanks! The object I have in mind is pretty thin, and it didn’t seem to work with the Oyamaru. I think I’ll give it a go with the liquid blu-stuff. I’m in the US, but is this the stuff you used?:


    2. I have insta-mold which i think is a similar deal to Blue Stuff. The trouble with 2 sided objects is pressing the mould together hard enough without deforming it.

      However i remember seeing an amazing tutorial on youtube usinging lego bricks to make a form for your mould. You make a walled well just bigger than the thing you want to mold, and then a press that is the same dimentions as the hole. The margin of error on lego bricks is microns so you get an amazingily uniform compression.

      I havent tried it yet but i keep meaning to, maybe i will try that for august too 😁…

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      1. I tried the lego mold (don’t tell the kids!) with Oyamaru, but it turned out not too well. I find it’s really hard to judge the thickness and pressure that needs to be applied. I guess I could try a variety of things and post some end results on my blog. I’ll see if insta-mold is easier to get locally. Thanks!


  2. This is a great project and no one will appreciate what a good job you did on the head! Awesome man and im really pleased the airbrush is working for you.


    1. Thanks I do think the head is pretty close to me in real life. The airbrush has changed the way I feel about painting. It makes it so much easier to achieve the style I’m looking for. I love the power weapons although hammers are harder than swords


  3. Great green stuff hair and beard. Just like yours. I really like those moulds you’ve done and the idea to change the wolf head to a salamnder it a great one here. You’re certainly getting the hang of that airbrush, you’ve done a lovely transition on that hammer head. Great stuff.


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